Alexander Rovt Family

by Celeb

Alexander Rovt was born to a very steadfast Jewish family in Mukachevo, Carpathia, which is modern day Ukraine. He had a very humble upbringing and belonged to a poor family. From the very beginning, he had capitalistic tendencies and this was frowned upon in his country and other communist controlled countries. This is the reason he was forced to flee Hungary with his wife in 1985. They took refuge in the United States of America, glad to finally be able to live peacefully in the ‘Land of the Free’.

Alexander Rovt

The Rovt family originally settled in Brooklyn. He can definitely be considered a ‘self-made’ man as he started out with low earning jobs, working in a kosher deli owned by his uncle and in a jewellery store run by a cousin.

Family is very important to Alexander Rovt and this ‘family man’ bases all his decisions on his family, no matter how big or small.

Alexander’s Family Profile

Here’s a brief glimpse into the familial roots or the family history of Alexander Rovt, the business tycoon.

Alexander’s Parents

His parents were certainly not rich. His father was a manager at a knitting factory. His mother had never received a college education, but is the reason that he developed a great sense for money and business. He has always stated his mother is the most influential person in his life.

His family has experienced severe cases of torture, the likes of which most of us can’t even begin to imagine. They were part of the Jews who were forcefully imprisoned in concentration camps during the Holocaust. On his paternal side, only his father and his uncle survived and on his maternal side, his mother is the only survivor. Today, a painful reminder still exists on his mother’s arm – an Auschwitz serial number which was tattooed on her arm.

His parents never believed in communism and supported Rovt’s capitalistic tendencies. They immigrated to the United States as soon as they could in 1978. His father was 55 years old when they immigrated to America and his mother was 52 years old. They took up common jobs wherever they could work. His mother got a job at a nursing home and his father started working at a kosher deli in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

Alexander Rovt’s father inspired him to be strong and face reality no matter how harsh the conditions were. Alexander says that the most important thing that he learned from his parents was that you have to be really strong if you want to achieve something in life. It is a statement he believes in even today.

Rovt Spouse – Olga Rovt

Olga Rovt had always been by his side and supported him through thick and thin, especially while they were living in very difficult conditions in Hungary.

Children of Alexander Rovt and Olga Rovt

He has two children named Philip Rovt and Maxwell Rovt. However, not much is known about his sons.

Net Worth

Alexander Rovt

The Rovt family net worth is estimated at $1.2 billion.