Ananda Krishnan Family

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Tatparanandam Ananda Krishnan is a Malaysian businessman and Tycoon. He is fondly called as AK or TAK among his close social circles. His net worth and prosperity made him Second Wealthiest in Southeast Asia. He is positioned at number 82 in the list of richest people in the world. He is actively engaged in Philanthropic activities.

Ananda Krishnan

The billionaire businessman is known for maintaining a low profile and does not show any interest in publicity. He loves fishing and goes on fishing trips on a luxury yacht. He is fond of modern art. He was one of the first business magnates to own a Dassault Falcon private jet. He holds two telecommunication companies Maxis Communications, Measat Broadcast Network Systems (Astro) and three communication satellites orbiting the earth.

Ananda Krishnan Family

Now Let us go through Ananda Krishnan’s Family Tree

Krishnan Parents

Ananda was born in the year 1938 in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. His parents were of Srilankan origin and spoke Tamil. He did his schooling in Vivekananda Tamil School. Later, he graduated in B.A. Honors    in political science from University of Melbourne, Australia. He has a MBA degree from prestigious Harvard University.

Krishnan Siblings

There is not much information available with regards to Ananda’s siblings.

Krishnan Spouse

Ananda spends his time mostly in the south of France with his wife. His wife is a Thai.  The couple have three children.

Children of Ananda Krishnan

Ananda has three children out of his marriage.

His son, Ven Ajahn Siripanyo, is a Buddhist monk  in Thailand who lives in generosity of other people. The son of the business tycoon has eliminated the materialistic pleasures and went on to lead a life with very basic needs. He did his schooling in UK and can speak 8 different languages. He has two sisters. Growing up in UK made him open to new and different cultures and that is how he was drawn to Buddhism.

Ananda Krishnan Family Networth

The total estimated networth is currently $ 11 Billion .

Ananda Krishnan

Ananda has reportedly transferred a major chunk of shares in MAXIS to BGSM Equity, raising media speculation that he may be selling out. He is also said to likely sell Aircel, his Indian Telecom confirmed to be in debts.