Andrei Skoch – Family, Family Tree

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Andrei Skoch is a billionaire businessman from Moscow, Russia. Born in 1965, he is a co-owner of Lebedinsky Mining, a metal extraction company. He is a self-made man who used to work for MontazhSpetsBank before entering the metal industry. Being ranked among some of the richest people in Russia, he continues increasing his profits with each passing year. In addition to being a businessman, he is also a member of the lower house of the Russian parliament and serves as an active politician.

Andrei Skoch Family

He has created the Pokolenie Foundation as well, through which he sponsors a literary award for writers in Russia, Debut Prize, less than 25 years of age. He has donated more than $117 million for the restoration of Russian war monuments too.

Andrei Skoch Father: Vladimir

Andrei Skoch’s father, Vladimir, was not a famous personality and not much has been known of him, only for the fact that a large part of Andrei’s business is in the name of his father. In his childhood, Andrei had a humble upbringing. He joined the Institute of Physical Culture, Moscow to obtain a degree, and then starting working at the MontazhSpetsBank. Later, he partnered up in a metallurgy business with Alisher Usmanov, along with Lev Kvetnoi.

Andrei Skoch Wife: Elena Likhach-Skoch

Andrei Skoch Wife Elena

Elena Likhach Skoch is Andrei’s current wife, who is also known for her beautiful figure and charming personality. She has given birth to Andrei’s four out of nine children, and she is pregnant for the 5th time. Being the wife of one of the richest people in the world, she is living a fantastic life and has received a number of amazing rewards from her loving husband, including a flying jet that is kept just for her personal use. Currently, she attended the Cannes cinema event where her diamonds dazzled several Hollywood stars, including Natalie Portman.

Andrei Skoch Children

Andrei Skoch Daughter Sofia

Andrei Skoch has nine children in total, and his wife is expecting the tenth. His first wife gave birth to quadruplets in 1994, who include three identical sisters, Sofia Skoch, Yulia Skoch and Aleksandra Skoch, and a son named Nikita Skoch. He has another child with his second wife, followed by four more with Elena. Currently, she is expecting the 10th child of Andrei.

Andrei Skoch Net Worth

Andrei Skoch Net Worth

Andrei Skoch’s net worth has been estimated to be around $6.8 billion. He is ranked among the top 20 richest people in Russia, and top 300 in the world. His wealth comes from his business, and also from his political position. In addition to earning money, he is an extensive donator as well, and has donated millions for the good of his country and people. Despite being notoriously known for his political influence, he is a loving and caring father and husband for sure.