Anita Zucker – Family, Family Tree

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Anita Zucker is an American businesswoman and philanthropist. She was the CEO of InterTech Group Company and Hudson’s Bay Company of Canada.

Anita Zucker

The Company was founded by Jerry Zucker, Anita’s late husband (1982). After Jerry died of brain tumour in 2008, Anita became the Governor. The family fortunate went to Anita and their eldest son, Jonathan.

Personal Life of Anita


Anita Goldberg was born in 1962 to Jewish parents who survived the Holocaust. She got B.A. from University of Florida and M.A. from University of North Florida. Anita married Jerry Zucker and they had three children namely Jonathan Zucker, Andrea Muzin, Jeffrey Zucker. After her husband died, Anita was named the Governor and CEO of the InterTech Group. She has her resident in Charleston, South Carolina.

She owns Carolina Ice Palace and South Carolina Stingrays ice hockey team. As a philanthropist, Anita is involved as board-member of the Coastal Community Foundation. She works as trustee of the Saul Alexander Foundation and the Jewish Endowment Fund. Anita sat on boards of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and Trident United Way. She is involved with MUSC Foundation, and Porter-Gaud School.

Husband of Anita

Jerry Zucker

Jerry Zucker was born on 24th August 1949 in Tel Aviv, Israel, to Zipora and Lon Zucker. His parents survived the holocaust. The family moved to the US in 1952 and settled in Charleston, South Carolina. Jerry majored in mathematics, chemistry, and physics for BS from the University of Florida. He earned M.S. in Electrical Engineering. In 1982, Jerry founded InterTech Group, a holding Company, selling wide range of assets. These included chemical production plant, aerospace engineering firm and commercial real estate.

He was the president and CEO of InterTech Group. Also, he was the president and CEO of Polymer Group until 2003. After acquiring the Hudson’s Bay Company of Canada, Jerry was the Governor and CEO. Over his lifetime, Jerry had over 350 patents. Jerry donated millions of dollars to international medical and local charities. His wife was Anita. On 12th April 2008, Jerry died of brain tumour. Jerry was survived by his mother, Jacob (brother) and Rochelle Marcus (sister), Anita, children and two grandchildren.

Eldest Son of Anita


Jonathan Zucker majored in Political Science for B.A. from Yale. He got J.D. from Georgetown University. He is a political technology entrepreneur and campaign finance attorney. He founded Democracy Engine and It Starts Today. Jonathan worked at Democratic National Committee (2003–2005) as the National Director of Operations for Finance. He saw the technology, legal compliance, and data-management for the DNC’s $100 million major-donor program. Jonathan was the first employee of ActBlue (2005-2008). He served as Senior Strategist & Counsel, COO & Counsel, and Executive Director (CEO).

Daughter of Anita

Andrea Michelle Zucker

Andrea Michelle Zucker graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania. She is working on her MBA at George Washington. She is a business consultant for non-profit organisation in Washington. She works at her family businesses. They are Tristan Restaurant, Sunfire Grill & Bistro and the Carolina Palace ice skating rink. Andrea married Dr. Nicolas David Muzin, son of Helen and Gary Muzin of Toronto. Nicolas graduated magna cum laude from Yeshiva University; got his degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He got law degree from Yale. Nocolas is a lawyer at Washington law firm, Williams & Connolly. Nicolas, a licensed internist, defends physicians and Pharmaceutical Companies in malpractice and product liability cases.

Youngest Son

Jeffrey Zucker

Jeffrey Zucker is the youngest son of Anita and Jerry. He is not a public figure.

Net Worth

Anita net worth

Anita Zucker is net worth of $3 Billion. Jerry founded InterTech Group (1982) so after he died in 2008, Anita was the CEO of the Company. Family wealth went to Anita and Jonathan, eldest son.