Brian Sheth – Family, Family Tree

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Brian Niranjan Sheth is a businessman from America. He is an entrepreneur, co-founder of Vista Equity Partners. He founded it in 2000 and is also the president of the firm. Sheth has helped build up the best records in private equity. The Forbes magazine listed him in the top billionaires as well.


Early Life

Sheth was born in the year 1976, to Indian immigrants. He attended Wharton School in the University of Pennsylvania and earned the B.Sc. degree in Economics. His major concentration was on finance. After completing his college, he started working at Deutsche Bank for one year. He then worked for Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital. Apart from work, Brian loves listening to Bob Marley. He loves sleeping late during the weekend.



Brian Sheth's Wife

Sheth married his college sweetheart Adria. Adria and Brian are founders of Sangreal Foundation. They met each other as students in the same university and eventually they were graduates from University of Pennsylvania. Adria had a highly engaging career in technology. She now focuses on charitable work. Sangreal Foundation works on initiatives like studies and environmental sections. It focuses on problem solving.


They have two children together.


Brian received an offer in 2000, from Robert Smith to work in his own start-up. Eventually, in the same year, Smith and Brian founded Vista Equity Partners. This basically focused on business with relation to software. Brian serves as the president, since the company was established. He also works as the vice chairman under the investment committee of the firm. He keeps an eye on the investment activity going on in the business. Vista is a big company that has been adding huge amount of money to Brian’s riches over a period of ten years.

Brian Sheth career

Apart from his company Vista, Brian has also been working in various other companies as a director. Presently, he is quite active on the board of firms which includes Accurent, Advanced Computer Software Group, Taxware, Autotask TIBCO, Websense and so on. Brian mostly looks for investment activities in these firms and focuses on information technology plus software. The keenness in business investment has created a lot of name for Brian. Till date, he ranks number 39 in Forbes as one of the most influential youthful businessman. He is one of the richest people, a billionaire under the age of 40. He is one of the most talented business magnates when it comes to technology. The 39-year old businessman has a net worth of $1.1 billion. Recently he spent $38 million on a Trousdale Estate. The house is on a flag lot. It is a luxurious apartment with open area.

Vista Equity Partners

Brian Sheth with Vista equity parteners

Vista equity Partners is a private equity firm in America. This company focuses on technology and software enabled businesses. This firm was founded in the year 2000 and has its offices in Austin, Texas, San Francisco, Chicago and Illinois. This firm was first founded by Robert F Smith. The firm started its investment in Big Machines and DataCore Software in 2001.