Bruce Halle – Family, Family Tree

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Have you heard of a rag to riches man’s story, who delivered newspapers in his childhood, but is now one of the richest people in the world? Seems very familiar with Bruce Halle. He is an American business owner who is known to be the Chairman and founder of Discount Tire. Having lived among seven siblings at the time of Great Depression, Bruce cut grass, dug graves and even delivered newspapers to financially support his family. Having started with only 6 tires in his stock, Bruce is now the richest man in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

Bruce Halle Family

Born in 1930, Bruce is now more than 85 years of age, and is still active in his business and philanthropic activities. Having graduated from the Eastern Michigan University, the Halle family now lives in Springfield, Massachusetts. Currently, he is the owner of 900 Discount Tire stores across 28 US states.

Bruce Halle Parents

Bruce Halle Parents

Their names are not known, but Bruce Halle talks about his parents with respect and reverence. Although they were not so well-off, they were far better than their other neighbors. His father was a fireman, and his mother was the cousin of Harriet Martha Jenkins, who helped her get a loan so that they could buy a house of their own. His parents were poor, and his mother had to work for many years to support the family too. He remembers his father as being a calm person even in adverse circumstances.

Bruce Halle Brother: Bob Halle

Bruce Halle had six siblings, but the only one known is Bob Halle. He is the Vice President, Operations at Knight Enterprises Inc., where he undertakes administrative and technical operations. He also works with Charles Kwasnicki to bid for new maintenance and construction projects. Formerly, he has worked for Time Warner, Florida as a technical supervisor. In 1975, he started working for a cable television as a chief technician, installer, trainer and technician.

Bruce Halle Wife: Diane Halle

Bruce Halle wife Diane Halle

Bruce is married to Diane Halle, with whom he has four children. Along with Diane, he has founded the Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation in 2002, through which they extend a helping hand to the community. They make massive donations for the homeless, hungry, ill and victims of social injustice. They also offer significant grants for the development of arts and culture in the US. They make substantial donations to a number of hospitals, educational institutions, religious bodies, and those providing human services in fields of emotional, financial, physical, spiritual and the like. He even received the Horatio Alger Award in 2015 for his generosity towards the society.

Bruce Halle Children

Although Bruce Halle has over 10,000 employees in his company, he still considers it as a family business. Biologically, he has two sons and two daughters, all of whom are involved in his business, including his two sons-in-law.

Bruce Halle Net Worth

Bruce Halle Net Worth

Bruce Halle’s net worth has been estimated to be around $6.7 billion, with which he becomes the richest man in Phoenix, and one of the richest in the US.