Bruno Schroder – Family, Family Tree

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Bruno Lionel Schroder son of Helmut Schroder was born in 1933, January. He is a top class British banker, Billionaire and owner of a huge land in Scotland. The land is a Dunlossit Estate island of Islay, Scotland which spreads 17,500 acres in the Inner Hebrides. He completed his education from The University College, Harvard, and Oxford. He has the inherited will which comes down from his Great-Great-Grandparents from generations.

British banker

Bruno Schroder’s Parents History

Schroder’s has always been in business from the very start. It was the year 1804 when Johann Heinrich Schroder his great-great grandfather and Johann Friedrich his elder brother started J.F. Schroder & Co. in London. It was a trading company that firstly trading sugar then was changed to trade financing. By 1817 the partnership between both brothers can to an end and Johann Heinrich Schroder built companies under his name in Liverpool, London, and Hamburg. Slowly the company was being known around the country all because of Johann Heinrich Wilhelm. He was the eldest son and also known as John Henry.

Bruno Schroder Father

J. Henry Schroder & Co. built trade finance arm and trade bonding and soon gathered popularity in Europe. Johann Heinrich then started to use “Merchant & Bankers” for their business. In 1853 London John Henry made a Cuban Bond and by 1870 a bond was placed between the company and Japan. At the time Japan wanted to build a Railway Line from Tokyo to the ports of Yokohama.

Bruno Schroder

After a long successful business run the J. Henry Schroder & Co. expanded and a new member Rudolph Bruno Schroder Joined. He was the nephew of John Henry from Hamburg and became the partner in 1895 of London firm and in 1910 was the senior partner. In 1923 J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation moved to New York where Bruno Schroder was a partner with Frank Tiarks. After three years Helmut son of Bruno and Henry son of Frank turned 25 and joined the company as partners. They were able to open an asset management department and business for capital Investment.

Bruno Schroder

In 1940 Helmut became the senior partner of the company. Within the 1950’s the company was gaining the popularity of a leading merchant bank. In the year the proper name of “Schroder” was given to the company.

Bruno Schroder’s Sister – Charmaine Schroder

In the year 1958 Charmaine Schroder married with George Mallinckrodt. He was already working with Schroder’s for the past four years before marriage. There were times when Bruno Schroder was staying behind his brother-in-law was in charge of the activities. There was a lifeboat in there castle which both Bruno and Charmaine used to watch when they were young.

Bruno Schroder’s Sister

After few years the Lifeboat was not working properly and all the mechanism were damaged too. Charmaine alone contributed an amount of £675,000 in £1.4 million Life boat Islay which used to save fisherman caught in a storm. After the investment was made the Lifeboat was launched again. There are no details about any children of Charmaine till now.

Bruno Schroder’s Wife – Piffa Schroder

Bruno Schroder took his marriage vows with Piffa in 1969. The marriage didn’t go well and after few years they got separated. The never took a divorce as Piffa have Roman Catholic Values. After separation, the couple has never seen together. Piffa lives in her own rooms in a castle and visits her home in Kensington when she likes it.

Piffa Schroder

Piffa is a former champion of small-bore, Bisley, and International Irish shot. She is the author of the shooting books and Fair Game: A Lady’s Guide to Sporting Etiquette is her best-known book. She also writes Shooting Gazette in a monthly column. Piffa only visits her place to have a peace of mind and to have more privacy when her husband is not there.

Bruno Schroder’s Daughter- Leonie Schroder

Bruno Schroder’s Daughter

Leonie Schroder was born in 1974 and soon after few years from birth, her parents were separated. She was raised under the influence of her father and is a researcher.

Bruno Schroder’s Net Worth

According to the latest survey Bruno’s Net Worth is $4.9 Billion.