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Carl Cook is the newly appointed CEO of the Cook Group, a medical device company that delivers medical devices like catheters, needles, wire guides and pacemakers to 135 different countries across the globe. Carl became the company’s CEO on the very next day of his father’s death in 2011. However, he was involved in various operations of the business since 1988 under his father’s supervision.

Carl Cook Family

Born in 1962, Cook holds an MBA degree from the University of Iowa, and has several years of experience for working in the company, including its pacemaker division and Winston Salem plant. Today, his company manufactures more than 16,000 products and delivers them across 13 different hospital lines of service. Cook is also the owner of CFC Properties, a company dedicated to development of properties, both commercial and residential. He is also credited for restoring and owning the French Lick Resort, that includes the West Baden Springs Hotel, Casino and French Lick Springs Hotel.

Son of a self-made businessman, Carl Cook was always interested in his father’s business, and was deemed to be its heir and owner. It was only on the very next day of his father’s death that he took over his father’s business and started managing it his own way.

Carl Cook Parents: William Cook and Gayle Cook

Carl Cook Father William Bill Cook

William Cook was an American entrepreneur, historic preservationist and philanthropist. He co-founded the Cook Group in 1963 along with his wife Gayle Cook. Residing in Bloomington, Indiana, he was counted among the richest men in America. He died in April 2011 at the age of 80. He took restoration projects of several notable buildings and historic sites in his country, including the West Baden Springs, French Lick Resort Casino, Beck’s Mill and Central Avenue Methodist Church in Indianapolis. He had started his business along with his wife from a spare bedroom in his apartment, and grew to one of the richest businessmen in America with his efforts and successes.

Carl Cook Parents Bill and Gayle Cook

Gayle Cook is Carl’s mother who co-founded the Cook Group along with her husband in 1963. She is a graduate in Fine Arts from the Indiana University, and she was also a member of the Phi Beta Kappa. Currently, she is serving the Cook Group as one of the Board of Directors. With her efforts, she has restored a number of historical buildings, including Colonel William Jones House (Gentryville), Cedar Farm (Laconia), James Cochran House (Bloomington), etc. She is also a member of Historic Landmarks Foundation, Indiana, and the co-founder of Monroe County Historical Society Museum.

Carl Cook wife: Marcy Heshelman

Carl Cook Wife Marcy and Daughter

Carl Cook is married to Marcy Heshelman, with whom he has one daughter named Eleanor. He lives in his Bloomington house with his wife and one daughter. He met Marcy when she used to work in Cook Inc. in its auditing department. They got married in January 2008.

Carl Cook Net Worth

Carl Cook took over his father’s business in 2011 after his death. His parents had gradually transferred their wealth to Carl in order to avoid the burden of high taxes. Today, he has an estimated net worth of $ 6.7 billion.