Carlos Slim Helu Family

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Helu family is one of the richest families in the world. Carlos Slim recently overtook the top richest man ranking from Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates on July 2014.

He is the 20th century style American capitalist who always believed in monopoly more than technology. He is the first person from a developing country to have topped the list of Forbes.

Carlos is a multi-billionaire. His fortune is estimated at $74 billion. Carlos has no interest in flashy houses around the world. Carlos does not own a fleet of cars and love to drive by himself.

Carlos Slim

Carlos is a big fan of Baseball club, New York Yankees. Carlos is of Lebanese origin and also likes to follow Lebanese people. The Helu family believes in simplicity and lives a very simple and clean life.

Carlos is a family man and had a happy married life with Soumaya Domit till her death in 1999.

The Helu family has also invested in two Spanish companies called Grupo Prisa and Caxia Bank, an investment banking firm.

The family has a number of holdings of the Mexican companies. Slim is the chairman and chief executive of telecommunications companies, Telmex and America Movil. The Helu family lives in the Mexico City in Mexico.

Helu – Family Profile

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Carlos slim family

Carlos Slim Helu Parents – Julian Slim Haddad and Linda Helu

Carlos was born to Catholic parents, Julian Slim Haddad and Linda Helu. They were of Lebanese descent. His father migrated to Mexico from Lebanon at the age of 14. It was very common for the Lebanese children to be sent abroad before the age of 15. Carlo’s mother, Linda Helu, was born in Parral, Chihuahua. Her family migrated to Mexico in the late 19thcentury.

Carlos Slim Helu Wife- Soumaya Domit

soumaya domit

Carlos married Soumaya Domit in 1966 at the age of 26. The relationship remained amicable till her death in the year 1999. Carlos founded the firm CARSO by joining his and his wife’s name. He also founded the biggest art gallery museum in Latin America in her memory, Museo Soumaya.

Children of Carlos Slim Helu and Soumaya Domit

  1. Carlos Slim Domit

Married to – Maria Elena Torruco

Born –1967

carlos domit slim

Carlos Slim Domit is a businessman and is the oldest son of Carlos Slim Helu, one of the richest men in the United States. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Anahuac.

  1. Marco Antonio

Born – January 1 1970

marco antonio slim domit

Marco is the son of Carlos Slim Helu and Soumaya. He currently heads Inbursa.

  1. Everett Patrick

Everett Patrick is the third son of Carlos and Soumaya

  1. Soumaya

Soumaya is the first daughter of Carlos and Soumaya.

  1. Vanessa

Vanessa is the fourth son of Carlos and Soumaya.

  1. Johanna

Johanna is the youngest son of Carlos and Soumaya.

Helu Family Net worth

Helu family net worth currently stands at $75.5 Billion. They are one of the richest families in the world.