Carrie Perrodo – Family, Family Tree

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Carrie Perrodo was born in Singapore. She is a French businesswoman and also a former model. She is the owner of the oil group Perenco, which she had co-founded with her better half Hubert. Carrie Perrodo was one of the top models since the year 1970.

Carrie Perrodo

Personal Biography: Carrie Perrodo:

Carrie Perrodo is a Singapore-born model, who has founded a modeling organization there, called as Carrie’s Models. She sold her agency many years ago, but still, it is active in Singapore. She was wedded to Hubert Perrodo in the year 1944, the French entrepreneur, founder as well as the sole owner of the oil group of Perenco. They have three children, François Hubert Marie Perrodo, chairman of Perenco, Nathalie Perrodo, and Bertrand Nicolas Hubert Perrodo. Both Carrie and the Hubert enjoyed their life a lot and spent a great time with one another.

Carrie Perrodo Family:

Carrie Perrodo Family

Carrie Perrodo Husband:

Carrie Perrodo Husband:

The name of her husband is quite well known in the business. Hubert was a passionate polo player, and he loved wine. He is amongst the top businessman. But unfortunately, he died in the year of 2006. Hubert was one of the sole-owners of the Perenco, and the business ultimately passed down to his wife Carrie and their 3 children, named as François Hubert Marie Perrodo, Nathalie Perrodo, and Bertrand Nicolas Hubert Perrodo.

Children of Carrie Perrodo:

François Hubert Marie Perrodo:

He is the son of Carrie Perrodo and Hubert. He was born on 14 February in the year of 1977 and he is the President of the energy commercial Perenco, which is an independent Oil & Gas company with set-ups in 16 countries throughout the world. He graduated from Oxford University.

François Hubert Marie Perrodo

He completed his studies at St Peter’s College and managed the University Polo team in the year 1999. He also embraced the engineering degree from the École Nationale Superieure du petrolET des Moteurs. He now runs the family business since the year 2007.

Nathalie Perrodo:

Nathalie Perrodo

Nathalie Perrodo was born in the year 1980. She is the young Franco-Chinese woman who has lived in London for many of years. She accomplishes the “wine investments” branch of the family group Perenco, and the Medoc, to visit her two assets in Margaux, Chateau Labegorce, and the Chateau Marquis d’Alesme.

Bertrand Nicolas Hubert Perrodo:

He was born in the year 1984. He got the first position as the director in the year of 2013 at Perwyn LLP. His most fresh director’s post was with Perwyn.

Achievements and recognition

Achievements and recognition
Carrie Perrodo is the perfect match for beauty with the brains. There are very rare billionaires in this world, and very rare among them are gorgeous too. The Perrodo family is very mysterious, and managing information from them is a task which is next to impossible. At the time of life of even more than 60, she still carries herself with a svelte body and with a charming smile, which makes her one of the ironic and the cutest billionaires in the whole world. She also handles the agency of modeling as well after the death of her husband, Carrie Perrodo and her three children overheads the company to take the name of the company at new heights. They are handling one of the best oil companies across the world.

Net worth

Net worth
According to the Forbes in March 2015 World’s Billionaire list, she has an estimate worth of about $8.8 billion, placing herself in number 149 all-inclusive and at 10 number in France. This French entrepreneur, Carrie Perrodo, has a valued net worth of about $4.2 billion as of January 2016. Her real time net worth is $6.6 billion.