Curt Engelhorn – Family, Family Tree

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Curt Glover Engelhorn was born on May 25, 1926 in Munich. He was graduated in Chemical Engineering from University of Texas based in Austin. He worked as a Chief Executive Officer at C.F. Boehringer & Söhne GmbH. The medium sized firm had grown into an international company under his leadership. He was working as head at Boehringer Mannheim till it was divested in the year 1997. He is a businessman and billionaire (Germany).

Curt Engelhorn Businessman

Curt Glover Engelhorn has divested DePuy Inc. and Boehringer Mannheim in the year 1997 to Hoffmann-La Roche for over $10 billion. He was a president and founder of Engelhorn Foundation Rare Diseases.

He was expired on October 13, 2016.

He along with his wife own many real estate properties including a chalet in Gstaad (Switzerland), a ranch based in Costa Brava (Spain), and a villa based in Cote D’Azur France.

Curt Glover Engelhorn

Notable Contributions

Curt Glover Engelhorn has donated generously to the city in gratefulness for the excellence of his business. He also donated Euro 25 million for the Mannheim based Reiss Museum.

Curt Glover Engelhorn’s Parents

Kurt Maria Engelhorn

Curt Glover Engelhorn was born to Anita Schlemmer in Munich.

Curt Glover Engelhorn Grandfather

Curt Glover Engelhorn’s grandfather has established BASF, a German Chemical company.

Curt Glover Engelhorn’s Sister

Curt Glover Engelhorn Sister

Curt Glover Engelhorn has a brother – Elizabeth Engelhorn

Curt Glover Engelhorn’s Wife

Heidemarie Engelhorn

Curt Glover Engelhorn was married to Heidemarie Engelhorn. His wife was born on January 23, 1941 in Munich, Germany. She inherited wealth of around US$1.8 billion. Heidemarie Engelhorn was a philanthropist. She obtained Business Administration degree. She was relocated to Italy in 1970 to manage Orm Bergold Chemie, which was established by Orm Bergold, her first husband. Her interests include skiing.

Curt Glover Engelhorn’s Children

Curt Glover Engelhorn had five children in his marriage with Heidemarie Engelhorn. He was residing in Gstaad, Switzerland. He also had other homes in France and Spain.

Curt Glover Engelhorn

Net Worth

Curt Glover Engelhorn had a net worth of US$6.2 billion.