Daniel Ziff – Family, Family Tree

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Daniel was born in a Jewish Family on 1973. He became a billionaire when he got an inheritance of his father in 1994. In 1989 Daniel went to New York to complete his graduation from Trinity School and later studied at Columbia University to pursue Bachelor of Arts Degree. At First, Daniel was not interested in the business of his father.


Daniel with his two other brothers used to run away when they hear the word family business. After the death of his father, the business was brought down to Daniel and his brothers. When Daniel got the hold of fortune then he started to invest in real estate, hedge funds, commodities, and equities. How much Daniel used to hate doing business but after investing each return started to give him returns.

Daniel Ziff’s Parents

William Bernard Ziff Jr. was born on 24th June 1930. His father William Bernard Ziff Sr. founded Ziff Davis Inc which used to publish magazines on Technology. After the death of his father in 1953, he bought the partnered shares of Bernard G. Davis and became the single own of the company in 1980. Ziff Jr. was raised in Miami and in 1947 with his family, he was moved to Sarasota. Jeff Jr. completed his education from Rutgers University (1951) and after that went to West Germany to study Philosophy.

With the total control of magazine publication, he started to publish magazines in Car, Electronics, Computers and much more. Ziff Jr. used his focus only on targeted audience which soon became the main source of income. He soon learned in 1978 that he will not live long as he was suffering from prostate cancer.

By 1984 most of his business magazine titles were sold and he kept few titles on computers with him. Ziff Jr. Married twice in his life and the first marriage ended in divorce with Barbara Ingrid Beitz. He later married to Tamsen Ann Kojis who the mother was a talented opera singer and father was a doctor. Jiff Jr. took his last breath on 9th September 2006 in Pawling, New York due to Prostate Cancer.

Daniel Ziff’s Siblings


Dirk Edward Ziff:

Dirk Edward Ziff

Dirk was born in 1965 and after getting the inheritance from his father he started to invest with his brothers. He went to Trinity School to complete his graduation from New York. Afterward, he went to Columbia University to attain Bachelors in Arts Degree and from Harvard University he got a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He is married to Natasha Bacigalupo and has two children.

Robert D. Ziff:


Robert was born in 1967 and is now a billionaire from America. With his other two brothers, he used the family inherited a fortune in different investments programs. He is an undergraduate from Harvard University in electrical and computer engineering. Later he went to Cornell Law School to complete his graduation in Law. Just after completing his graduation he joined a Chief Judge Monroe G. Mckay as a clerk. After there he worked with Ziff Communication Company as the vice president of Strategic planning. He is married to Michelle Angelic Locher and has two twin sons.

Daniel Ziff’s Wife

Daniel married to Leslie in 2009. Leslie looks more after the Ziff Family Foundation and currently seated with board members of American Ballet Theatre. Both the couples are now residing in New York City with their one child.

Daniel Ziff Net Worth

The heritance of was passed down from Grandfather William Bernard Ziff Sr. to his son William Jr. Each time a son receive the fortune they worked hard to increase the value they received from their father. Daniel is having a total Net worth of $4.8 Billion.