David and Frederick Barclay Family

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Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay are reclusive business tycoons who live in a Gothic-style castle on their own island. The island is known as ‘Brecqhou’ located in the Channel. They definitely enjoy all the luxuries of life in their 60-million pound home.

However, they were not born into a rich family and grew up in a quiet neighbourhood in Shepherds Bush, West London. The identical twins have always been close and were born in 1934. There was about 10 minutes gap between each birth.

Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay

They left school early and tried worked at the General Electric Company. They also tried their hand at painting and decorating before becoming estate agents. Their fortune was made after becoming joint proprietors of the Ritz and in the 1990s when they started buying newspapers.

The Barclay Brothers’ Parents- Frederick Hugh Barclay and Beatrice Cecelia Taylor

Their father was a commercial traveller who dealt in confectionery. He was born in Govan, Scotland. Their mother was born in Shirley, West Midlands and was the daughter of a solicitor’s clerk. They both lied about their age when they got married in 1925.

David and Frederick Barclay’s Siblings

Frederick Hugh Barclay and Beatrice Cecelia Taylor had eight children together, of which David and Frederick were born fourth and fifth respectively. The eight children were- Pauline Frederica, Lillian Rosetta, Andrew Roy, David Rowat, Frederick Hugh, Douglas Victor, Graham Stewart and Lawrence Hamilton.

David Barclay’s Wife- Zoe Margaret Newton

She was a grammar teacher before she started working as a model. She had many television appearances and was popularly known for her role in a dairy advertisement, which gave her the nickname of ‘drinka pinta milka day girl’. She had quite a successful career but quit later in order to look after the children.

David Barclay and Zoe Newton’s Children

1)      Aidan Stuart Barclay

He is their first child and was born in 1956. He is married to Ferzana Aziz.

2)      Howard Myles Barclay

He is their second child and was born n 1959. He never married and still remains a bachelor.

3)      Duncan Hugh Barclay

He is their third child and was born in 1961. He is currently married to Anne Marie Christine Rodier.

Frederick Barclay’s Wife- Hiroko Asada

She is of Japanese origin and was residing in London when they met.  They got married in the 1970s.

Frederick Barclay and Hiroko Asada’s children

1)      Ko Asada Barclay

He was born in 1967 and is actually Lady Hiroko Asada’s child from her first marriage to Kenji Asada. Ko Asada is married to Sara Jane Love.

2)      Amanda Rica Barclay

She was born in 1978. She works in a jewellery store. She was originally married to Richard Julian Robert Faber, a banker, but later got divorced due to personal differences. She is now married to Andrew Jargen Lubin who is also a banker.

Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay Net Worth


The total net worth of Sir David Barclay and Sir Frederick Barclay is estimated to be approximately $3.6 billion.