David Koch Family

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Best known for his philanthropic activities for cultural and medical institutions, David Hamilton Koch, co-owns Koch Industries with his elder brother Charles Koch, and is also its executive vice president. Koch Industries is the second largest privately owned company in the United States of America.

David Koch

In personal life, Koch has gone through traumatic times—he survived a U.S. Airways Flight crash in 1493 with charred lungs while twenty-one people on board died of smoke inhalation. He was also diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer that is currently kept under control using therapy.

Koch Family Profile

Let us take a look at the celebrated Koch family tree

David Koch Parents – Fred Chase Koch and Mary Robinson Koch

Father – Fred Chase Koch

fred koch

The Wood River Oil and Refining Company, now known as Koch Industries was founded by David’s father. Fred received his degree in Chemical Engineering Practice from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He attended Rice Institute in Houston as well. He is well known for co-founding the John Birch Society, an educational and political advocacy group which supports anti-communism and limited government.

Mother – Mary Robinson Koch

David’s mother was the daughter of a distinguished physician, Ernest Franklin Robinson, who contributed to the establishment of the University of Kansas School of Medicine. She had a 274.330 t combined ore carrier and oil tanker, Mary R. Koch, named after her.

David Koch Siblings – Frederick Robinson Koch, Charles Koch and Bill Koch

Frederick Robinson Koch

David’s eldest brother, Frederick, is a collector and philanthropist. Unlike his younger brothers, Frederick studied humanities at Harvard College and also received an M.F.A degree from the Yale School of Drama.

frederick r. koch

Frederick served in the U.S. Navy and on the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga for a while after college. Through the Frederick R. Koch Foundation, he majorly donates to the Pierpont Morgan Library, the Frick Collection, and the Carnegie Museum of Art. Presently, he is a board member of the Metropolitan Opera and the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

Charles Koch

Charles Koch

Charles Koch, David’s elder brother, is the chief executive officer and co-owner of Koch Industries. He published a book called “The Science of Success,” where he propogated a unique management philosophy, referred to as “Market-Based Management.”

William Ingraham “Bill” Koch

bill koch

David’s twin, Bill Koch, is the founder and president of the Oxbow Group. He is a sailor, and won the America’s Cup in 1992. He also collects art, wine, and maritime memorabilia. As a philanthropist, Bill supports the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, which fights the Cape Wind projects.

David Koch Wife – Julia Margaret Flesher Koch

Julia Margaret Flesher Koch

Julia Margaret Flesher Koch

Julia is the daughter of Frederic C. Flesher and Margaret Flesher. She married David in 1996. Currently, a housewife, she used to work as an assistant to the dress designer Adolfo Dominguez in New York and she helped dress Nancy Reagan in knit suits. She received her degree from the University of Central Arkansas. Julia is also a board member of the School of American Ballet and the Food Allergy Initiative.

Children of David Koch and Julia Koch

David Koch Jr. – David’s elder son

Mary Julia Koch – David’s daughter

John Mark Koch – David’s youngest son

Since David Koch intensely guards his private life, not much is known about the lives of his children. David had said that he does relish fatherhood and family time, albeit late in life.

Net worth of David Koch

David Koch’s net worth was estimated at U.S. $40.6 billion in 2012. He owns 42% of Koch Industries and is the ninth-richest person in the world, as of 2014.