David Sun – Family, Family Tree

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David Sun was born in Taiwan in 1951, October. From the early days, David was much passionate about technologies and other related stuff. He completed his education from Tatung University, Taiwan. Later he moved to the United States for better opportunities. In 1977, he met John Tu and both started to make computer memory chips inside a garage and started to sell it to other manufacturers. By 1987 together they founded Kingston Technology Company and both were much proud of their findings.

David Sun Businessman

The Kingston Technology Company got popular in early 1987 when they started to make memory chips. The engineering technology boosted the level of chip technology to a different level. In the later period both the founders sell the company for $1.5 billion to Softbank venture capital firm. In the current era, the company is an independent one and largest producers of memory cards. There are more than 4,000 employees working in the company worldwide. Firstly the company was sold to a price and then the company did a fabulous work. Later on, David and John again repurchased the company. The products of the company are now being used in different Mobiles, Cameras, Computers and other electronic devices. The products of the company are very well in demand because of its reliability.

David Sun’s Parents

David Sun

David Sun is an immigrant from Taiwan and there is very less to be known about his parents. It can be said that his father was not a wealthy person and David has to start everything from dust. He pulled his way up and followed what he wanted to do. There was not much to be done in Taiwan at that time because of fewer resources. David never back down from anything and this shows that his parents taught him well how to fight and survive in the world.

David Sun’s Wife – Diana Sun

David Sun

Diana Sun is the wife of David Sun. David is also a well-known philanthropist and the president of David and Diana Sun Foundation. With the help of his wife Diana, he is doing a fabulous work. Diana is also giving her full interest towards the working of the foundation. The foundation is all about helping the students with scholarships in Taiwan. There are various other social activities that are also performed by this firm. The main aim is to help the younger generation who are having talents and helping them to grow forward. It is a non-profit organization which keeps up the good work in helping other who is in need. Every year both Diana and David gather enough funds to help others.

David Sun’s Children

David and Diana are blessed with two children. There is not much information about the age or name of their Children. They are living in California and what they are doing is not known.

David Sun’s Net Worth

David Sun

David Sun is now 65 years old and started working from a garage building chip cards. The ladder of success brought him to the United States to get opportunities. With the starting of Kingston Technologies, there was a downfall in the company. On 15th August 1995, a corporation of Softbank purchased 80 percent of the company’s shares for $1.8 billion. Later while working with different modules, David and John were able to buy the shares back. A total of $450 billion was invested to repurchase the shares back. After taking back full control of the company, the company made a tremendous growth. David Sun is the co-founder of Kingston Technologies Corporation and owner of David and Diana Sun Foundation which is a non-profit organization. The current Net worth of David Sun is estimated to be $6.1 Billion.