Dennis Washington – Family, Family Tree

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Dennis R. Washington was born in the year 1934 in Spokane. After he was graduated from high school he started working in construction in Montana and Alaska. In 1964 he was 30 when he started to build his own career. He took a Loan of $30,000 and got a single bulldozer to start his own work. He started slowly working by getting smaller projects and then increasing them. Later in 1969, he was one of the biggest contractors based in Montana. Within 1970’s he started construction of Dam and mining.

Dennis Washington Industrialist

By 1986 the mines of molybdenum and copper at Butte, Montana was acquired by him. With this success, he was able to get projects of Real Estate, Aviation, Coastal Shipping, Marine Services, and Railroads. He was able to acquire engineering Morrison-Knudsen Co. Company of Boise, Idaho and global Constructions. This major step made his Group of Washington Company go international.

Dennis Washington philanthropist

Washington Companies Includes:

Seaspan Marine Corporation

Montana Rail Link Inc.

Aviation Partners Inc.

Montana Resources LLP

Dennis Washington’s Parents

The parents of Dennis Washington were migrated from Missoula, Montana to Bremerton during Second World War. During that time his father was looking for work in defense shipyard and was living in housing projects provided by the government. As the war was being held his parents got separated and they were divorced. This left Dennis alone and he had to live with his relatives. Due to changing from one place to another living with relatives, his schooling was also changing. In the final years of his schooling, he was living in Missoula with his grandmother.

Dennis Washington’s Wife

Phyllis J Washington

Mrs. Phyllis J Washington was an elementary school teacher when she first Dennis. She holds a B.A. degree from the Montana University, Missoula in Education. Later on with her talents for antiquarian and interior decoration changed her job status. Phyllis Washington Antiques/Maison Felice is her current business that is placed in California at Palm Desert.

Dennis Washington

Phyllis holds the current chairperson position of the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation. She was also a panelist at Transformational Philanthropy held at Milken Institute Global Conference in 2012. Phyllis never goes back when there is a need of providing charity. She had been awarded Neil S. Bucklew Presidential Service award 1999 and Honorary Doctorate of Education award in 2009.

Dennis Washington’s Children

Kevin L. Washington

Kevin Washington

Kevin completed his graduation from San Diego University; he holds the degree of B.A. plus a double major in Business and Communications. He is also very much interested in managing the family business and always looks for a new business seeking opportunities. In the start days of his career, he worked for Batchelder & Partners firm of asset management in San Diego, California. At that time he was also actively participated in the family business of Montana Rail Link Inc. Kevin is one of the co-founders of Seattle Aviation Partners Boeing in Washington. This company produces technical blended winglet for Private Aircraft and Boeing manufactures.

Kyle Washington

Kyle Washington

Kyle got his graduation degree from the University of Montana in Business Administration. He is one of the Board members of various family businesses of Washington Companies. Currently, he holds the seat of executive Chairman for Seaspan Marine Corporation. Also, he is one of the Co-founders of Seaspan Corporation and containerships manager. He contains good knowledge of family business and can see things which others are unaware of. Winter Olympics of 2010 held in Vancouver had Kyle as an Ambassador.

Dennis Washington Net Worth

Dennis Washington was having nothing in his from the start but now he is Net worth of $6.2 Billion.