Donald Bren Family

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A well-known name in America, Donald Bren is the owner and founder of Irvine Company. A real estate giant in the United States of America, Bren grows to be richer day-by-day, all thanks to the rising property values in the country.

Donald Bren

His company holds over 50,000 residential apartments 8 million square feet of retail in Orange County, LA, San Diego and Silicon Valley and 40 million square feet of office space along with 3 golf clubs and 5 marinas. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics from the University of Washington. His first job was as an officer in the Naval Marine Officer Corps. Donald is an Episcopalian by belief.

Bren Family Profile

Let us look at the celebrated Bren family in detail:

Bren Parents – Milton H Bren and Marion Newbert Jorgensen

Marion Newbert Jorgensen was born on March 18, 1912. She was a prominent name in the United States of America, a prominent leader Los Angeles, California and a prominent philanthropist. Marion attended Marlborough School and had attained a pilot license by the age of 17. She pursued liberal arts from the Finch College in New York City. Against all the odds, in 1930, she tied the knot with Milton. H. Bren.

Bren was a talent agent and a movie producer. The couple divorced in 1984, and Marion remarried Tom Call, chairperson of the Pacific Mutual Life Company. The marriage did not last for long; she went ahead marrying the steel giant named Earle M. Jorgensen. She died on June 18, 2008.

Milton H Bren is born on June 14, 1904, a talent agent, movie producer, Naval officer and real estate developer. At the age of 27, Bren married 18-year-old Marion Newbert; the couple had two children from the marriage named Donald Bren and Peter Bren. The couple separated in 1984, Bren remarried Clarie Trevor, a famous Academy Award -winning actor. They remained married until his death.

Bren Sibling(s) – Peter Bren

Peter Bren

Peter Bren

The younger sibling of Donald Bren, Peter currently serves as a chairperson & board and president of KBS Realty Advisors and its affiliate KBS Capital Advisors. He is a graduate from the ULCA Anderson School of Management.


Bren Spouse(s) – Diane Bren (Ex), Mardelle Bren (Ex), Brigitte Muller (Current)

 mardelle bren

Diane Bren is the first wife of Donald Bren; they had three children from the marriage. The couple separated soon after the birth of the second child in 1960. The couple has two children names Cary Bren (1959) and Steve Bren (1960).

Mardelle Bren

Bren married Mardelle in the year 1977. They had one daughter from the marriage named Ashley Bren in 1968. The couple divorced a few years after the marriage.

Brigitte Muller              

Muller is an entertainment lawyer born in California. The couple married in the year 1998 in a church ceremony held at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills. The couple resides in Newport Beach home in California. They were blessed with a son in the year 2003.

Children of Donald Bren and Diane Bren

Carey Bren

Born – 1959

Steve Bren

Born – July 19, 1969

Steve Bren is known as a former American Racing driver. He is known to have had a successful racing career in US Super Formula Vee. He is also considered to be one of the highest US taxpayers.

Children of Donald Bren and Mardelle Bren

Ashley Bren

Born – 1968

Children of Donald Bren and Brigitte Muller

Boy (Name Unknown)

Donald Bren Family Net Worth

Donald Bren is rated as the richest man in California with a net worth of $15.3 Billion. He is rated as the #63rd richest men in the world in the Forbes List as of year 2014.