Eric Schmidt Family

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Eric Schmidt is an executive Chairman of Google. He is also a software engineer and a great businessman. In the year 2013, he was 138th wealthiest man in the world. Before he started working with Google, he was the CEO of Novell. He is one among those lucky people who have become billionaires just with the help of stock options they are offered from their employers.

Eric Schmidt

Before he worked with Google and Novell, Schmidt worked as a developer with Sun Micro systems. Prior to that, he was part of the Xerox research team. Later he took up the responsibilities as CEO of Novell. In the year 2001, he joined with Google as an Executive Chairman. He also served as the board of directors of Apple for some time but resigned in the year 2008 due to the conflicts between Apple and Google.

Eric Schmidt is also part of New American Foundation. He is the board of Directors Chairman. He along with his wife Wendy Schmidt is the founder of Schmidt Foundation which works on the responsible use and sustainability of natural resources. They established this Schmidt Foundation in the year 2006 aiming to make this world a wonderful place to live for everyone.

Eric Schmidt has co-authored two book – “The New Digital Age” and “How Google Works

Eric Schmidt – Family Profile

Let us take a look at celeb profile of the Eric Schmidt and his family tree

Eric Schmidt Parents – Eleanor Schmidt and Wilson Schmidt

Eric Schmidt mother

Eric Schmidt was born to Eleanor Schmidt and Wilson Schmidt in the year 1955. Not much information is available on the background of his parents.

Eric Schmidt Spouse- Wendy Schmidt

Eric Schmidt wife

Eric Schmidt married Wendy Schmidt who is an American Business woman and a Philanthropist. They got married in the year 1980. They met at the University of California of Berkeley. She belonged to New Jersey where her parents had their own interior designing firm. Wendy first worked at Sun Micro systems where even Schmidt worked. She left the company to start her own interior designing firm and ran it for around 16 years.

Children of Eric Schmidt & Wendy Schmidt

  1. Allison Schmidt
  1. Sophie Schmidt

Born – 1994

Eric Schmidt daughter

Sophie Schmidt is one of the daughters of Eric Schmidt. She is a college student. She loves to travel and pursue photography.

Eric Schmidt Family Net worth

Eric Schmidt’s net worth is $8.9 Billion. Google gifted Eric $100 million as a farewell gift when he left the organization. He owns a yacht which is $72.3 million worth. He also owns a $42 million jet; Gulf stream V which is one the best personal jets. He likes to fly high in the sky challenging the vertical limits. He is a commercial pilot and also loves flying.

Eric Schmidt owns a luxury residence in Atherton which is $3.7 million and huge estate which is $20 million worth. He is a great business Tycoon and inspiration for many young aspirants.