Finn Rausing – Family, Family Tree

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Finn Rausing belongs to the family who started the business of Tetra packing and made it global. In the current era, he is one of the honorable board members of Tetra Laval with his other two siblings. He was born in Lund, Sweden on 1st September 1955 and completed most of his studies there. From his childhood, he was aware of the working of the family business.

Finn Rausing

His full name is Finn Anders Egil Rausing who is now a Billionaire from Sweden. He got the business heir from his parents but with his business skills and knowledge, he was able to take the business to higher levels. Since becoming the member of the board he had taken various tough decisions which brought him a fortune.

Finn Rausing’s Great Grandparents:

Ruben Rausing
Ruben Rausing was the great grandfather of Finn and the true founder of Tetra Pak Company. He was born on 17th June 1895 in Raa, Sweden and took his last breath on 8th October 1983. He completed his studies from Columbia in 1919 and worked at Sveriges Litografiska Tryckerier (SLT) which is now known as Essetle. In 1920 he returned to Sweden and started working as an Assistant Manager in SLT. In 1929 he left the company to start a new packing business with Akerlund.

They both started the first company to manufacture carton packs for dry food. Later the company was not making much profits and Akerlund sold his part of shares to Finn. This made him the single owner of the company they have formed. It was that time when drinks like milk and juices were being sold in glass bottles. Finn had plans to make carton bottles for these drinks and making them easy to supply in various places.

Later in 1952, he was able to sell his tetrahedron packages to a local dairy of Lundabygdens Mejeri. He was working hard by making sacrifices to increase the business on his own. By 1968 he was able to sell the machines to the global market and became the king of his Tetra Packing business. Ruben took his marriage vows with Elisabeth and together they had three sons, Sven, Gad and Hans.

Finn Rausing’s Parents

Dr. Gad Rausing
Dr. Gad Rausing is the father of Finn, who was born on 19th May 1922. He was an expert industrialist and an archaeologist. He and his brother Hans took the working of their father to a different level. Gad was already working with his father in making dry food cartons. He was well aware of the components that are used in making them.

Birgit Rausing

In 1954 he joined the company as Deputy Managing Director of Tetra Pak. Within 1970’s the company became international and was named as the most innovated packaging industry. Gad married with Birgit and Kirsten, Jorn and Finn are their three children.

Finn Rausing’s Siblings

Jorn Rausing:


He was born in Surrey, England on 12th February 1960. He is one of the owners of Tetra Laval Company. With his becoming the member of the board he is also enlisted in the richest people of his country.

Kristen Rausing:

Kirsten Rausing

She is the only daughter of her parents who was born on 6th June 1952. She has a position of the board of member in the family business. Other than that she owns a Lanwandes Stud farm, Newmarket, UK and a prestigious Jockey Club member.

Finn Rausing’s Wife and Children

Finn Rausing networth
Finn was married to Cecilia Rausing but later they were separated with a divorce. There is no information about their children.

Finn Rausing’s Net Worth

Finn Rausing
With a crown of Tetra Pack on his head Finn had made a name and taking the company to a different level. He is having a net worth of $5.8 Billion.