Georg Schaeffler – Family, Family Tree

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Georg Schaeffler aka Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Schaeffler is a renowned business of Germany and a billionaire at that. He holds 80% shares of the company INA Holding Schaeffler GmbH & Co. KG. Schaeffler AG is a part of this group of companies. The remaining 20% of the shares of this group is held by his mother. Other than heading the supervisory board of Schaeffler group, he is also heads the supervisory board of Continental AG. A business and economics graduate, Georg is known for having grown his company efficiently over the years.

Georg Schaeffler Family

This began when he took over the LuK GmbH, a well-known automobile manufacturing company in Germany, in the year 1999. Later in 2002, he acquired FAG Kugelfischer, a German company that manufactures ball bearings. In the year 2008, Schaeffler group acquired Continental AG which is one of the largest manufacturers of tires and automobile parts in Germany. His group of companies operates in about 49 countries at 170 different locations and has close to 80,000 employees working for it across the globe.

Georg Schaeffler Parents – Georg Schaeffler and Maria – Elisabeth Schaeffler

Georg Schaeffler Mother Maria

Georg F.W. Schaeffler was born to Georg Schaeffler and Maria Elisabeth Schaeffler on 19th October 1964 in Erlangen in Germany. His mother Maria Schaeffler is the co-owner of Schaeffler group. She was also a CSU delegate in the Federal Convention that operated for the election of the German President in 2004. A woman par excellence she has been presented with many coveted awards over the years. In 2016, when US President Barack Obama hosted Hanover Messe, she was one of the 15 German corporate leaders to have attended the event. Not much is known about Georg Schaeffler, the father of Georg F.W. Schaeffler.

Georg Schaeffler Ex-Spouse – Bernadette Muehlen

Georg Schaeffler married Bernadette Muehlen. The couple has four children. However, they are now divorced.

Georg Schaeffler Children

Georg Schaeffler and his ex-wife Bernadette Meuhlen have four children. However, little is known about them.

Georg Schaeffler Net Worth

Georg Schaeffler Net Worth

Georg Schaeffler owns 80% of Schaeffler group’s shares. According to the latest reports, his net worth is estimated to be about $15.8 billion. He lives in Herzogenaurach.