George Kaiser Family

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Not many can be counted to top the lists of both billionaires and philanthropists. Rich is the man whose money is used for the good of others.

George B. Kaiser is one such exceptional individual. He stands at number 122 in world’s billionaires list and is among the Top 50 Philanthropists of USA.

George Kaiser

Kaiser is the CEO of GBK Corporation. He was also the head of Kaiser-Francis Oil Company for 40 years. Today, he is the chairman of the board and holds a majority stake in the BOK Financial Corporation. Kaiser is a major shareholder in mining, energy, technology and oil and gas companies

After graduating with a business degree from Harvard, Kaiser took over the running of his family’s oil company. But he soon expanded his horizons and bailed out Bank of Oklahoma. When he took over, BOK was just a 20 branch company. Today it is spread over nine states and is worth $23.9 billion. In 2008, he was the Richest Person in Oklahoma and in today he is the 42rd Richest Person In America.


Charity begins at home for Kaiser. He established the Tulsa Community Foundation and Tulsa Educare; The George Kaiser Family Foundation spends millions each year on medical clinics across Tulsa. They help women get off drugs and are engaged in improving Tulsa’s public schools.

Kaiser Family Profile

Let us look at the family of George Kaiser

Kaiser Parents – Herman Kaiser

Kaiser’s father Herman was a Jew and a judge in Germany until 1935 when he was sacked by Nazis. He and his wife escaped to England in 1938. They later migrated to Tulsa, USA where Herman joined his uncle’s oil drilling business. Kaiser’s mother is not very known.

Kaiser Spouse (s): Betty Eudene (Ex) and Myra Block

Betty Eudene was Kaiser’s first wife who died in 2002. She was a leading literacy advocate.

Kaiser then married his current wife, Myra Block. She founded the Brady Craft Alliance. The daughter of Tulsa oilman Charles Goodall, she is also an authority on fiber art.

Children of George Kaiser and Betty Eudene

Emily Kaiser

Leah Kaiser

Philip Kaiser

Kaiser Family Net worth

George Kaiser made it to the Forbes 400 after buying Bank of Oklahoma in 1991 for $60 million. Today his stake in the bank is $2.8 billion. Kaiser has oil investments in North Dakota, Wyoming and Canada. He owns Excelerate Energy that ships liquefied natural gas world over. Kaiser is worth $10.5 Billion today.

George Kaiser

Effective April 2014, Kaiser is the co-owner of the NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder.

George Kaiser is a humble man who prefers commercial flights to charter. He is a billionaire with a big heart who best showcases the concept of giving back to the society.