Howard Hughes Family

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Howard Hughes was an American business magnet. He was not just a businessman but also an aerospace engineer, aviator, inventor, investor, philanthropist and filmmaker. He was born in the year 1905 and died in the year 1976. He was said to be one of the wealthiest men in the world in his life time.

Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes was an exceptional film maker. He started making films from 1920’s and most of his films were controversial and big budget oriented. He first started his career with his family business which was manufacturing oil drilling tools. He started his career at the age of 18.

Howard Hughes started his film career as a producer in the year 1926. The business tycoon had interested in flying, which made him start an aircraft company of his own. He started out on his own in the early 1930’s. In the year 1948, part of the RKO Pictures was bought by him but he never personally visited the studio.

Hughes Family Profile

Let us take a look at the illustrious family profile of the Howard Hughes

Hughes Parents – Howard R. Hughes Sr and Allene Stone Gano

Howard Hughes was born to Howard R. Hughes, Sr. and Allene Stone Gano. His fatherwas a wealthy business man and a successful inventor who belonged to English descent.

Hughes Spouse(s) – Ella Rice (Ex), Jean Peters (Ex), Terry Moore

Howard Hughes got married thrice. He first married Ella Rice in the year 1925. They divorced each other after 4 years of unhappy married life.

Terry Moore

Howard then got married to Terry Moore in the year 1949. She was an actress. They remained married till the death of Hughes.

Jean Peters

Howard Hughes also got married to Jean Peters in the year 1957 when he was already married to Terry Moore. She was also an actress. They were divorced in the year 1971.

Hughes Family Net worth

Howard Hughes’s net worth is considered to be $4 billion. After his death, according to his will, he donated $1.56 billion to charity, $470 million to the higher management in his Hughes companies and $156 million to his two wives, split equally and another $156 to William Lummis who was his cousin.

In the year 1939, Howard Hughes was given Congressional Gold Medal and in the year 1973 he was honored into National Aviation Hall of Fame.

Howard Hughes

Howard died on 5th April, 1976. He was buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Houston, Texas, United States just beside his parents. After his death there were many complications regarding inheritance of his fortune. In the year 2004, his early life out in to lime light in the form of a movie “The Aviator”. The movie was a block buster hit at box office. He also appeared in few movies as a guest star while alive.