Hui Ka Yan – Family, Family Tree

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Hui Ka Yan was born on October 9, 1958 and is the owner and founder of prestigious China Evergrande Group. He also held the position of Executive Director for Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd in past. With his overwhelming decision making and dedication towards real states, he had made a name for himself. He was the soul architectural mind behind the development strategies that were being formulated in Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd.

Hui Ka Yan

The Evergrande Group started in the year 1996 under the wings of Hui Ka Yan. Before forming the Group he was the part of management with various entities like Wuyan Iron & Steel Corporation Limited and Guangzhou Pengda Group Company Limited. Also, he was appointed as the Vice Chairman of China Real Estate Association, Chine Enterprise Directors Association, and China Enterprise Confederation.

Hui Ka Yan

The State Council has awarded him as “National Model Worker” which is the highest honor for a civilian in China. Henga Real Estate Corporation Limited now known as Lujing real Estate Limited also had Hui Ka Yan as their director from November 2002 to November 2005. In the year 2003, he joined Wuhan University of Science & Technology Metallurgy as an Adjunct Professor. This was the same university where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in the year 1982.

Hui ka Yan’s Parents

The father of Hui ka Yan was a veteran in Chinese Revolutionary Army. In the mere age of just 16 years, he joined the Communist Party. As a Commander of Cavalry Company, he fought in the battle of 8 years of Anti-Japanese War. Thus is can be easily said that Hui Ka Yan has the leadership and fighting spirit qualities from his father. There is not much information about his mother. She died when he was only 1 year old. She was suffering from the serious illness of Sepsis. Hui ka Yan used to live with his grandmother and still, he admires her very much. When he was little he drew a sketch of her and still that sketch is seen on a wall inside his house.

Hui ka Yan’s Wife

Ms. Ding Yamei is the wife of Hui ka Yan, she is also known as Mrs. Hui. There is not much information about her. There are times when Hui ka Yan praises his wife. He says that without the understanding and patience of his wife he won’t be able to achieve what he has now.

Hui Ka Yan’s Children

Hui ka Yan’s is blessed with two children.

Hui Ka Yan’s Interests

Hui Ka Yan

Philanthropy: Hui Ka Yan’s is a donor of generosity which is very much supportive towards education, Poverty alleviation, and disaster relief. He has not forgotten what he had gone through to reach his status symbol. He had given out more than $130 million to different causes of charity. Still, if there is any kind of problem that arises Hui ka Yan never back downs for helping the needy.

Hui Ka Yan

Sports: His keen interest is in football and for this; he was able to acquire Guangzhou Soccer Club in 2010, March. After the acquisition, he changed the club name to Guangzhou Evergrande Soccer Club.

Hui Ka Yan Networth

Hui Ka Yan

Since 1996 Hui Ka Yan has explained that success does not come in one night. His success story is an inspiration for masses. He joined many organizations and firm where he was earning for others. With the opening of Evergrande Group, his growth never stopped. From the year 2012 $16.4 billion contracted sales roused to 25%. Till 2016, November his net worth is $8.1 billion and in coming years these figures will rise up.