James Packer Family

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James Douglas Packer is one of the wealthiest and most influential business entrepreneurs of Australia. He succeeded in carrying forward family legacy and made a niche for himself. Born to late media baron Kerry Packer, James took the daring step to make a foray outside the established family business. With a staggering net worth, he made to the prestigious Forbes list a number of times. Even after suffering badly in Global financial turmoil, which made him lose nearly half his wealth, Packer made a brilliant turnaround. He regained much of lost wealth.

James Packer

After inheriting Publishing & Broadcasting Media Empire after his father’s demise in 2005, he left the industry to enter into the entertainment segment which seemed more alluring to him. Two years later he set up Crown Limited to control Publishing & Broadcasting Limited’s entertainment activities. James owns a number of Casinos in Las Vegas, Canada and in his native country. He sold off Consolidated Media Holdings, a pay-TV company to Newscorp for a $1 billion deal. His newest achievement is the co-ownership of South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Packer has gone through his shares of turmoils while building his business empire and resolving problems in personal life. His liaisons with a number of gorgeous models and mingling with noted Hollywood personalities like Tom Cruise have also kept Packer in the headlines. Packer has also been involved in charitable activities.

Packer Family Profile

Like many uber rich entrepreneurs, Packers had their shares of ups and downs.

Packer Parents – Roslyn and Kerry Packer

James Packer was born to late media baron Kerry Packer and his wife Roslyn. His birthplace is Sydney, Australia. His father was keen on getting him into the family business at a young age to carry forward the legacy.

Packer Siblings  – Gretel Packer

Gretel Packer

James Packer has a sister named Gretel.

James Packer’s Spouse(s) – Jodhi Meares (Ex), Erica Baxter

Jodhi Meares

Apart from his growing wealth and business achievements, the personal relationships of James Packer have hogged headlines several times. After dating few high profile girlfriends for some time, he tied knot with Jodhi Meares, a swimsuit model in 1999. The marriage did not work out and theysplit within 3 years. Divorce followed.

James Packer’s Wife – Erica Baxter (Ex)

Erica Packer

After his unsuccessful first marriage, James Packer got close to actress model Erica Baxter. The duo got married in 2007 after a courtship that lasted 4 years. However, this high profile marriage survived for just 6 years and the couple filed for divorce in 2013. This came as an unfortunate development as Baxter acted as a pillar of support behind Packer when he dealt with business turmoil and consolidated his empire. Post this separation, he had been romantically linked with supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Children of James Packer and Erica Baxter

James Packer has three children from his second wife.

  1. Indigo Packer (born 27 July 2008)
  2. Jackson Lloyd Packer (born 2 February 2010)
  3. Emmanuelle Sheelagh Packer (born 22 September 2012).

Packer Family Net Worth

The net worth of Packer family currently stands at$5.5 billion.