Johann Graf – Family, Family Tree

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Johann Graf is a billionaire and Australia based business man. He conducts business operations in 32 countries worldwide. His businesses have employed more than 18000 people across the world. He exports gambling devices to over 70 nations worldwide.

Johann Graf


Johann Graf, who was born in Vienna Austria on January 3, 1946, was brought up by his grandparents in a single room flat. His guardians initially planned to train him as a butcher to look after butcher shop owned by his family. But, he was not interested in that business. Instead, he began importing the Pinball machines through Belgium from America for use in pubs, cafes and brothels. He later entered the electronic machines business and hired trained and qualified technicians to offer the quality services to his clients.

Johann Graf

Johann Graf established Novomatic Automatenhandels AG in Austria to unveil Admiral Range Gaming machines. He started offering casinos under Admiral Brand by 1982. He also started selling video lottery, slots, video poker, multiplayer games, and electronic table games. He expanded the footprint to online gaming and mobile gaming industry. He has utilized ACP modular system to control, monitor and automate gaming functions.

Johann Graf

He also engaged in developing biometric system for authenticated credit transfer. It also allows efficient management of betting terminals. His business operations span over 43 nations worldwide. He has considerable investments in ACE Casino Holding, Gryphon Invest AG, and Novomatic AG.


His hobbies include collection of vintage cars mainly Jaguars.

Johann Graf Children

Johann Graf has divorced the wife. He has three children.

His son – Thomas Graf is holding the position of CEO at Austria Gaming Industries.

Net Worth

Johann Graf

Johann Graf has a net worth of US$7.4 billion. He amassed the wealth through establishing Novomatic Group of firms. He is at number 208 in the Forbes List of billionaires worldwide. He is one of the richest persons in Austria.