Johann Rupert – Family, Family Tree

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Johann Peter Rupert was born in South Africa on 1st June 1950. He lived his childhood in Stellenbosch and studied company law and economics from the Stellenbosch University. In the middle of persuading his degree, he dropped out to make his career in business. At the start of his career, he was working in New York City as a business apprenticeship.

Johann Peter Rupert

He worked hard for two years to Chase Manhattan and three years for Lazard Freres. Later in 1979, he came back to South Africa and opened Rand Merchant Bank under his leadership. Johann used to play cricket and likes to spend his time in a golf Course.

golf Course.

He is now the chairman of Richemont Company and Remgro Company which is based in South Africa. He had already received an honorary doctorate award in economics from the University of Stellenbosch in 2004.

Johann Rupert’s Parents

Anthony Edward Rupert
Anthony Edward Rupert and Huberte Rupert are the parents of Johann. Anthony was a billionaire businessman, conservationist, and a philanthropist. In the starting of his business career, he was having only a few handfuls of cash. After he was able to find some good investors he was manufacturing cigarettes from his garage. With determination and hard work, his work grew and later he founded Rembrandt Group.
Rembrandt was divided into two different forms later on. One part is the Remgro which deals with investment in Industrial area, Mining, and Finance. The second part is Richemont that works as a Swiss Luxury Goods Group. In the current, the company is expanded in six continents, over more than 30 countries. Anthony’s business profit was also aided in saving Art, Music, Historical buildings and promoting Education. On 18th January 2006, he died while he was sleeping.

Johann Rupert’s Siblings

Hanneli Rupert:

Hanneli Rupert

Hanneli is a designer who founded Okapi, which sells handcrafted products and handbags from the houses of South Africa. With her ethical views in promoting the work of the South African people, her business boomed in various countries. He grabbed her Honors Bachelor’s Degree from the School of Arts, Wimbledon, 2007. In the starting days, she worked with L’Ormarins Queens Plate as an event organizer in Cape Town. Her sense of Fashion took her work to become global.
Anthonij Rupert: Anthonij was very fond of making wines and he built L’Ormarins wine farm in the mountains of Franschhoek, Frankenstein. He was very keen in his work of wine making and the mountains were the perfect spot for making wines. In the later stage, he died and Johann Rupert took the charge of making Wines in memory of his brother. The belief of making wines are still the same as Anthonij wanted.

Johann Rupert’s Wife

Gaynor Rupert:

Gaynor Rupert

Johann Rupert’s current wife’s full name is Gaynor Downie Rupert. She looks after Drakenstein Farm and shows her passion for horses. She is an animal breeder and breeding good horses is her specialty. She likes to play golf and also had organized some of the main golf events held in South Africa. In her free time, she goes to the golf course and plays golf.

Johann Rupert’s Children

Anton Rupert Jr.
Johann and his wife Gaynor were blessed with one son Anton Rupert Jr. and two daughters Hanneli Rupert and Caroline. There is not much information about their children.

Johann Rupert’s Net Worth

Johann Rupert’s Net Worth
Some part of the wealth that Johann is possessing has come from his father. On later period he expanded the workings of the company and made it global. The members of the family had shown interest in every working field. Johann Rupert is having a total Net Worth of $6.2 Billion.