Joseph Lau Family

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A well-known name in the business markets, Lau is a Hong Kong based real estate investor who owns a 61% stake in Chinese Estates Holdings. He was born in Hongkong in 1951. On the educational front, Lau graduated from the University of Windsor and went on to pursue further education at Santa Clara University, before stepping in the real estate arena.

Joseph Lau

Numerous possessions make him one of the biggest names in Hong Kong. He is ranked as the 5th richest man in Hongkong who owns many assets on his name. His empire includes a 35 million pound Eaton Square home, majestic Sun seeker yacht, Boeing 787 Dream liner jet and a number of unique collectibles. An avid collector, Lau holds a unique art collection, which include a number of paintings and over 10000 bottles of wine and a blue diamond.

Lau Family Profile

Let us look at the family members of Joseph Lau

Lau Parents

A little less is known about the parent’s of Joseph Lau.

Lau Siblings – Thomas Lau Luen-hung

He is the younger brother of the business tycoon. Born in the year 1953, Lau has his roots attached to Guangdong. He currently serves as Managing director of Lifestyle International Holdings.

Lau Spouse

Bo Wing-kam (Spouse)

bo wing kam

Bo wing Kam is the first wife of the business tycoon Joseph Lau. The couple married in the year 1977. The marriage lasted for 15 years. The couple parted ways in 1992. The couple have two children.

Yvonne Lui (Partner)

Yvonne Lui

Lui is the partner of the Hong Kong based businessperson. She is famous for extending support to various social causes.  Lui currently works as an Executive Director in Chinese Estate.   On the personal front, Lui was born in Hongkong. She moved to UK to take up her secondary and university education. Lui has attended her private education in United Kingdom. Lui holds a BSc and PhD degree from the King’s College. The couple met in London, when Lui was just 24. They have two children from their relationship.

Children of Joseph Lau and Bo Wing-kam

lau ming wai

  1. Lau Ming – Wai (1980)
  2. Jade Lau Sau-yung (1983)

Children of Joseph Lau and Yvonne Lui

  1. Lau Sau-ying (2002)
  2. Son (2010)

Lau Family Net Worth

Joseph Lau ranks on the 131th position on the World’s Billionaire list by the Forbes Magazine in the year 2014. His real time Net worth is $ 9.3 Billion.

A philanthropist by nature, Joseph Lau runs a Charitable Trust to sponsor and encourage upcoming talent in the field of sports, education and arts. Joseph Lau had been facing charges of bribery and money laundering in the year 2012 for offering Ao Man-long , who was Macau’s former public works chief. He was offered a bribe of HK$20 million over the tender for 5 pieces of land close to the Macau International Airport.