JP McManus Family

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Born and bred in Ireland, millionaire John Patrick “JP” McManus had a very humble upbringing. He was born on March 10, 1951 in Limerick. His father owned a farm and operated a construction plant hire company. He studied at the Christian Brothers School on Sexton Street in Limerick. As soon as he completed his education, JP started working under his father. He learned how to drive a bulldozer and how to milk cows, but he knew his heart wasn’t in it.


This Irish businessman who made his money through thoroughbred racing was fascinated with horses at a very young age. He loved to watch the greyhound racing which took place at Limerick’s Market Field. It was at Alf Hogan’s in Limerick, Ireland where JP first started betting on horses.

Although racing is just a hobby for him now, JP McManus still yearns for the days when his life centered on racing and bookmaking.

JP McManus Family

JP McManus Parents – John James McManus

Very little is known about JP McManus’ father and mother except that they worked on their family farm and earth-moving business. JP McManus says that he developed his love for horses from his father – John James McManus. Senior McManus also taught him everything he knew about horses. Young JP was passionate about horses and loved watching his father’s show-jumpers.

When JP McManus wanted to try his luck at the racecourse, his father gave him leave from his work on the farm every Saturday, so that he could satisfy his desire for horse racing and bookmaking.

JP McManus Siblings – Five  (Names Unknown)

John Patrick “JP” McManus was the eldest of five children. The duty of carrying on the family trade was on his shoulders. His father knew that he was meant to work with horses, and after quite a bit of success with bookmaking and racing, he let JP devote his time solely to thoroughbred racing.

JP McManus Spouse – Noreen McManus

Noreen McManus

John Patrick McManus married Noreen, who used to work as a mental health nurse. Together, in 1982, they purchased Martinstown Stud from the McCalmont family in Limerick, Ireland. Family is everything to John Patrick “JP” McManus. He had often said that all he wants is that his wife Noreen, his children and grandchildren to be happy and healthy. He would like nothing more than to be able to spend a lot of quality time with all of them.

Children of JP McManus and Noreen McManus

1)      John McManus

John is married to Emma Ledbetter and they have a little girl, Millie, who is the pride and joy of doting grandmother Noreen.

2)      Kieran McManus

Kieran is the other son of JP and Noreen McManus and is married to Anne- Marie Leavy. The couple have two daughters – Vivienne and Katie.

3)      Sue Ann McManus

Sue Ann McManus

The only daughter of JP and Noreen McManus, Sue married Cian Foley in Martinstown Church in July 2007. Her husband hails from Killorglin. They have one daughter- Cara.

Grandchildren of JP McManus


Millie McManus

Vivienne McManus

Katie McManus

Cara Foley

JP McManus Net Worth


JP’s net worth is estimated to be about $1000 million.