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Jude Reyes and J. Christopher Reyes

Brothers, Jude Reyes and J. Christopher Reyes, are well known American businessman. Jude Reyes is the Co-chairman (with his brother) of Reyes Holdings. This is considered the distributor of beer. Presently, based in Rosemont Illinois, Reyes Holdings is largest privately-held company since 2010. The several divisions include Reyes Beverage Group, Reinhart Food Service and Martin Brower.



Reyes Beverage Group produces more than 100 million cases of beers every year. The Martin-Brower Company is the world’s largest supplier to McDonald’s restaurant. This Company has distribution operations all over the world. In addition, the Reinhart Foodservice is considered as one of the most valuable divisions of Reyes Holdings.

This is considered as America’s fifth largest distributor of broad line food services. Till date, Reyes Holdings owns more than 138 properties all over the world. Jude Reyes investments in industries like real estate development and acquisition. Also, others are equipment leasing, logistics management and transportation management.

Personal Life:

Early Life and Education:


Jude Reyes was born in 1955. He graduated from Wofford College. Jude Reyes is the Co-chairman of Reyes Holdings. He lives with his family of three children at Palm Beach in Florida. His very close relative is his own brother J. Christopher Reyes who works with him. Jude Reyes has a degree from Wofford College. Jude Reyes is married with three children. They have a resident in Palm Beach, Florida.

Brother of Jude

J. Christopher Reyes

J. Christopher Reyes

J. Christopher Reyes was born as Joseph Christopher Reyes in 1953. He has four children and lives in Hobe Sound, Florida. He is the Co-chairman of Reyes Holdings along with his brother Jude Reyes. Christopher Reyes graduated from the University of Maryland. He began his business career after purchasing small Schlitz beer distribution business in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He had bought this with his brother and father.

The operation of the firm became beer distribution businesses of all brands. Since 1976, Reyes Holdings has acquired more than 115 beer distribution operations. The firm expanded in April 1998. The brothers bought the Martin-Brower Company, a dedicated McDonald’s distribution business operating primarily in the US.

Brother of Jude

David Reyes

Jude and Christopher’s brother David lives overseas. Even he is into beer distribution operations. In addition, David is on the board of North Shore University Health System and the Chicago Rehabilitation Centre.

Net Worth of Jude

Net Worth of Jude


Jude Reyes, the Co-Chairman, Reyes Holdings is net worth $4 Billion. He was listed at 427th spot in the Forbes list of world billionaires in 2017. He was listed at 146th spot in the Forbes list of billionaires in United States. He was ranked at 246th spot in the Forbes list of 400 billionaires in 2016.
Reyes Holdings is a Chicago-based food and beverage distributor Company. The revenue as of 2016 is $27 billion. He runs the Company with his brother Christopher.