Katharine Rayner – Family, Family Tree

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Katharine Anna Rayner is a business woman who got her pride and prestige after family heritage was given to her. The fortune of the family was divided among three siblings including Katharine.

Katharine Rayner

Katharine was never that much interested in the workings of the Cox enterprise. After receiving the inheritance she had become one of the major shareholders in the Cox industry. She had been an active member of the family business and most works as philanthropy.

Cox industry

Katharine joins the company’s board at the Public Library of Morgan, New York and works to raise Funds for Animal Rescue. She is also on the top 100 list of richest women in The United States.

Katharine Rayner’s Grandparent

James Middletown Cox
James Middletown Cox was born on 31st March 1870. He was the founder of Cox enterprises which is still a major media conglomerate that deals with newspapers. James was raised in a small village of Jacksonburg, Ohio. He was the youngest son among his six siblings. He was educated in a single room classroom until the age of 16.

Jacksonburg, Ohio.

He parents Gilbert Cox and Eliza Andrews had a divorce and James has to move Middletown, Ohio in 1886. After moving he got started to work as a journalist and climbed the ladder of success.
He also served as the governor of Ohio for 1913 to 1915 and 1917 to 1921. James’s first wife was Mayme Simpson in 1893 but had a divorce in 1912 and had two sons and a daughter. Then again he was married in 1917 to Margaretta Parker Blair and had one son and two daughters. James died on 11th January 1915 leaving his established Cox Industry to his children.

Katharine Rayner’s Parents

anne cox
Anne Beau Cox Chambers is the mother of Katharine. She was born on 1st December 1919. Louis G. Johnson was his first husband and they both had to two children (Katharine Ann and Margaretta). Her second marriage was with Robert William Chambers and had one son (James Cox Chambers). In 1974 her brother James Cox died and the control of the family business was under Anne and her sister Barbara Cox Anthony.

Barbara Cox Anthony
Eventually, Barbara also died on 28th May 2007 and left the control of the family business to Katharine. She was active in business and has a good political career. Anne was holding the chair at Atlanta Newspapers and also a Director at Cox Enterprise before distributing the shares of the Cox industry to her children.

Katharine Rayner’s Siblings:

Margaretta Taylor:

Margaretta Taylor

She is the second child and had been married thrice. Her first husband was James F. Granite, Dr. Alexander Taylor was second and Michael Rich is the third husband. She also received the inheritance from her mother and holds major shares in Cox Enterprise.

James Cox Chambers:

James Cox Chambers

James Cox Chambers was born in 1956. He is a well-known actor, choreographer, and dancer. He completed his graduation in 1982 from Bard College. James got married to Lauren Hamilton who is also an actress. He is currently holding total shares 16.3% in Cox Enterprise.

Katharine Rayner’s Husband and Children

Katharine Rayner’s Husband

Katharine married twice in her life and there is not much information about her children. Jesse Kornbluth was his first husband. Her second marriage is with William P. Rayner. She likes to keep a very low profile regarding her family details.

Katharine Rayner’s Net Worth

Katharine Rayner’s Net Worth
Katharine is now on the list of major business women of United States. With the inheritance given by her mother, she reached the richest list with her other two siblings. Even she has less interest in the family business she still holds a Net worth of $7.8 Billion.