Kelcy Warren – Family , Family Tree

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Kelcy Warren is an American business magnate, CEO and chairman of Energy Transfer Partners. He was born in 1955 at Preston Hollow, Dallas, Texas and accumulated most of his fortune from the business of pipelines.

Kelcy Warren

Warren is a fan of music and has produced many music albums for singers/songwriters through his company, Music Road Records. He has many properties spread across Texas and Colorado and recently donated $6 million to Rick Perry for his Presidential Campaign.

Let us now look at the family of Warrens

Warren Spouse – Amy Warren

Amy Warren

Amy is the third wife of Kelcy Warren and they both live in their 10 acre property located at Preston Hollow. The couple has a son called Klyde who is currently attending junior school.

Warren Children – Klyde Warren

Klyde Warren

Klyde Warren is currently 12 years old and lives with his parents. Kelcy named a park in Texas after his son called the Klyde Warren Park.

Net Worth

As of 2015, Kelcy Warren has a net worth of $4.7 billion, which makes him the 230th richest man in the world and the 79th richest in all of United States.

Warren graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1978 and holds a degree in civil engineering. After graduating, he went on to work for the Lone Star Gas Company and later on for Endevco. After a while, he shifted to the Cornerstone Natural gas Company, taking up the post of the Executive Vice President and was later promoted to CEO and President from there on. After establishing the Energy Transfer Partners, he has served there as co-CEO and co-Chairman since 2007.

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With over 25 years of experience in the energy sector, Kelcy Warren has established his reputation as one of the smartest and most successful businessmen in the field. According to him, having great mentors has helped him reach the place where he is in life today. In collaboration with Jim Bryant and Ray Davis, he completed numerous deals that led him to the road of success.

The Warrens are known to be very giving and are ardent supporters of many charitable causes in their native state of Texas as well as the country. Really down to earth and a humble person, Kelcy Warren, has supported many struggling artists and musicians too with his record label. He is extremely fond of his son, Klyde and has built him a tree house themed room in their mansion in Texas.