Kwee Family – Family, Family Tree

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Kwee Liong Keng, Kwee Liong Tek, Kwee Liong Seen and Kwee Liong Phing, all are brothers and they all are Singapore based businessmen, vendors of Pontiac Land Group which are a confidentially held Singapore property and also the hospitality company.

Kwee Liong Keng

All of the Kwee brothers live together in Singapore.

Kwee Liong Phing

Kwee Family: Personal Biography

Early life

The Kwee brothers are the children of Henry Kwee who is an Indonesian textile dealer and also the real estate originator who settled to Singapore in the year 1958.


Kwee brothers

The Kwee brothers own numerous luxury hotels in Singapore such as Ritz-Carlton Millenia, the Conrad Centennial Singapore, and the Capella Singapore, as well as office blocks, also the Millenia Tower and the most famous Centennial Tower.

Kwee Family: Brothers

Kwee Liong Seen

Kwee Liong Seen

Kwee Liong Seen works as a Co-Owner and Director at Pontiac Land Private Limited. Heworks on the Advisory Board of Haas School of Business at the University of California and Singapore Institute of the International Affairs. He works for on the Advisory Council of the Cantor Arts Center at the Stanford University and also the Board of Governors of Raffles Institution in Singapore. He also works on the Graduate School Advisory Board of the Nanyang Business School.

Liong Phing Kwee

Liong Phing Kwee
Liong Phing Kwee is the Singaporean who has taken graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in thefield of Architecture from the Cornell University in the year 1979. After graduation, he too is involved in the family business.

Kwee Liong Tek

Kwee Liong Tek
Kwee Liong Tek is the chairman of the Pontiac Land Group, whose properties include the famous buildings such as Millenia Tower, Camden Medical Centre and also Capitol Piazza. The firm is looking up to enlarge further into the growth of residential, commercial as well as luxury hospitality areas. It made up its mark in the US in the year 2015 with the promotion of its Jean Nouvel which is designed condominium tower 53W53, positioned next door to the Museum of the Modern Art in New York.

Kwee Liong Keng

He is the managing director of the confidentially held extravagance real estate expansion company Pontiac Land Group; Kwee Liong Keng is the oldest of the Kwee brothers. The receiver of the Lifetime Innovation Award from the Philadelphia University in the year 2010 was represented the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Industry’s SG50 Outstanding Chinese Business Pioneers Award in the year 2015.

Awards and Achievements

Kwee Liong Phing is nominated for the 5th Philippines Property Awards gather momentum.
Mr. Kwee Liong Keng who is the Chairman, he became the Guest of Honour in Singapore Art Museum in the year2002.

Kwee Liong Keng
In the year 1978 Kwee brothers got the Singapore Youth Excellence Award earlier known as the National Youth Service Award.
In the year 1993, they got Honorary Gold Medal which is given by the Singapore Cultural Studies Society.
Kwee Liong Keng maintains the award of Chinese Business Pioneers Award in 2015.

Net worth

With the net worth of about $4 billion, the Kwee brothers are amongst one of the richest men in Singapore. The foundation of the Kwee fortune is the real estate and the brother’s personal Pontiac Land, a confidentially held property creator and the hotel operator that possesses numerous 5-star hotels as well as office towers in Singapore. In March the Kwee brothers enlarged their stake in the Capitol Center, a $600 million extravagance property growth, to 50%, purchasing an additional 20% stake from the Top Global which is an Indonesian based property giant.

Not much is recognised about the personal life of these four Kwee brothers which are named as Kwee Loing Seng, Kwee Liong Tek, and Kwee Liong Seen and also Kwee Liong Phing, they are also known to uphold a very low profile in the mass media however they have been recognised to make large contributions to the public causes, particularly in education.