Leonard Stern – Family, Family Tree

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Leonard Norman Stern was born in a Jewish family on 28th March 1938. He is a well-known Investor, Businessman, and a Philanthropist. Stern got the inheritance from his father in 1959. By the end of 1960, he was started to invest in real estate and bought Meadowlands, New Jersey.

Leonard Stern

He invested $10 million and received twenty-folds of the total investment. In 1986 he bought a media venture known as Village Voice and sold it in 2000. He looks after the family business and is the current CEO and Chairman of private family Hartz Group. As a philanthropist, he had been helping the homeless and aiding in promoting education.

Leonard Stern’s Parents

Max Stern

Max Stern is the father of Leonard who was born in Fulda, Hesse, Germany in 1898. In 1926 he went to the United States and founded Hartz Mountain Corporation, which was the largest manufacturer of pet products and real estate development. Max’s first wife was Hilda Lowenthal, she was born in Germany. His second wife was Ghity Lindenbaum in 1950. Ghithy was already married once to Nathan Lindenbaum who died in 1946. In 1982 Max took his last breath and left the inheritance to his son Leonard.

Leonard Stern’s Siblings

Stanley Bezalel Stern:

Stanley is currently the head of Investment Banking and Managing Director of Oppenheimer & Corporation. Inc since 2004 May. He is also the part of Alnitak Capital Partners as a Managing Partner. Leonard is part of various businesses and holds a superior position in them. He is the Director of THCG from 1999, Chairman of Given Imaging from 2012, Chairman of SodaStream International LTD from 2015 and few others.

Marcel Lindenbaum:

Marcel is the son of Ghity Lindenbaum and Max Stern. He walks in the footprints of her mother and looks after the work of Philanthropist. He holds a position of a board member in families Hartz group.

Maidy Rosenblatt:

Maidy is the daughter of Ghity Lindenbaum and steps daughter of Max stern.

Armand Lindenbaum:

Armand Lindenbaum

He looks after most of the work held in Hartz Family Group. Being a stepson of Max Stern he still holds a very important position in the family.

Henry Lindenbaum:

Henry was the beloved son of Ghity Lindenbaum. There is not much information about him except the factor that he is no more in this world.

Gloria Kisch:

Being the daughter of Max Stern has an artistic flow. She had painted much beautiful painting throughout her life and some of her paintings are still having a higher price.

Leonard Stern’s Wife(s)

Leonard Stern’s Wife

Leonard was married twice in this life and the first marriage ended in a divorce. His first wife was Judith Stern Peck who is a consultant for Hartz Group and family Therapist.

Leonard’s second wife is Allison Maher who started her career as a model for Television. She is current the vice chairperson and a trustee of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Leonard Stern’s Children

Andrea Stern:

Andrea Stern

Andera was born on Fifth Park Avenue and is now currently living on West Central Park. She made her own legacy by publishing a book known as “Inheritance”. The book contains 66 pictures of her family and contains 160 pages.

Emanuel T Stern:

Emanuel T Stern

Emanuel is current the managing director behind Tall Pines Capital LLC.
He looks after the family business of Hartz Mountain Industries Inc, where are the CEO and President.

Edward J Stern:


Edward is the founder of one the family business groups of Hartz Capital Inc. Before finding the new business he was the CEO and President of Hartz Mountain Corporation.

Leonard Stern’s Net Worth

Leonard Stern’s Net Worth

Leonard inherited the business from his father Max Stern and expanded the business to the next level. In the starting, he was able to get shares from most of his siblings. This made him took total control of the family business. He is currently having a net worth of total $4.2 Billion.