Li Ka Shing Family

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Li Ka Shing is the founder of Cheng Kong Holdings. Titled as the Richest Man In Asia, he has assets over $31.9 billion. Many companies come under his shareholdings and ownership; some of the major ones are Cheung Kong Holdings and Hutchison Whampoa.

Li Ka Shing

The Li Ka shing businesses have been rated as the world’s biggest health and beauty retailer and largest operator of container terminals. His business empire includes a product colongmeration of banking, satellite television, cement production, construction, real estate, plastics, cellular phones, retail outlets, hotels, domestic transportation, airports, electric power, steel production, ports, and shipping.

Li Ka Shing Family Profile:

Let us take a look at Li Ka Shing Family Profile

Li Ka Shing Father –  Li Yun

Married to: Zhuang Biqin

Li Ka shing family originated from Chui Chow, China. His father was diagnosed with Tuberculosis, which made Li take up the family responsibility from a very early age.  His father died at the age of 15leaving him to be the only bread earner in the family. Due to war like conditions in China, his family fled from China to Hongkong.

Li Ka Shing Mother – Zhuang Biqin:

Li Ka Shing mother was Zhuang Biqin, who was a strong pillar of support to the family. Blessed with three kids the, Li Ka Shing was the eldest child. The second son was Li Jiazhao and a daughter Late Su Hu Li, who passed away.

Li Ka Shing

Born – 13th June 1928

In 1940, the billionaire fled with his family from China to Hong Kong. At the age of 15 years, he quit school because of his father’s death. He started working by selling plastic, belts watchbands and flowers to raise money for daily bread.  When he reached his early twenties, Li was fortunate enough to begin with Cheung Kong Industries.  In a span of few years he became an illustrious name in Hong Kong. Known as Superman in Hongkong, Li Ka Shing is the 11th Richest Man In The World with an estimated wealth of $31.9 billion.

Li Ka Shing Wife – Chou Hoi Ming

Born – Unknown

Li Ka Shing wife

Li Ka Shing married his maternal uncle’s daughter Chong Yuet Ming. The couple has been blessed with two kids named as Victor Li and Richard Li. Chong Yuet Ming died in the year 1990 in her apartment. It is believed she died because of an overdose of sleeping pills. As the Shing family followed Buddhist traditions, Chong Yuet Ming was buried undertaking the same traditions.

Li Ka Ching Children – Victor Li Shing, Richard Li Shing, Late Su Hu Li

Victor Li Shing

Born – 1 August 1964

Married to: Wang Fuxin

victor li tzar-kuoi

The elder son of Li Ka Shing, Victor Li Shing takes care of the Cheung Kong Holdings Limited. Born in Hongkong, he studied at the St Pauls Co Educational College, further completing his B.SC and M.SC degree from Stanford University in Structural Engineering. In 1996, Li was kidnapped by the notorious criminal Cheung Tze Hueng and was released after taking a handsome amount of $ 1 Million. Married to Wong Lai Kui the couple has been blessed with three kids. The eldest of them is a baby girl named as Liyan Ning.

Richard Li Shing

Born – 8 November 1966

The younger son of the entrepreneur La Ki Shing, Richard Li shing is known for his great business sense and philanthropy. He has been rated as the 26th richest in the Hongkong list of Billionaires. Richard Li shing has assets over $1.3 billion. He attended the Stanford University for acquiring a degree in computer engineering, which could not be completed due to personal reasons.

Richard Li

Richard Li acquired a Canadian Citizenship, from where he started his business ventures. He was in a relationship with Isabella Leong, who had given birth to the first child named Ethan Li in 2009 and in the year, 2010 gave birth to two twin sons in San Francisco. The couple split amicably in 2011.

Li ka Shing Daughters in Law 

Wong Lai Kui- Wife of Victor Li

The couple has been married for quite a long time, blessed with three kids, the first two are daughters and luckily, the third has been a son.

Victor Li Shing Children:

Liyan Ning- Daughter

Name Unknown : Daughter

Name Unknown: Son

Richard Li Shing Children

Ethan Li ( Year 2009)

Twin Sons ( Year 2011)

Net Worth of La Ki Shing

Known as the richest man in Asia, La Ki Shing has a net worth of over $ 35.1 million according to the Forbes Magazine.