Marissa Mayer – Family, Family Tree

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Marissa Ann Mayer is a business woman and a computer scientist. She works as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is the president of Yahoo. She has been holding this position since the year 2012. Before she joined Yahoo, she worked as the executive, spokesperson and usability leader.

Marissa Mayer

Early Life

Marissa Mayer Early Life

Marissa was born on 30th May, 1975. She was born in a place called Winsconsin and she has a brother. As a child she was an introvert personality. Her middle and high school years were filled with ballet and piano classes. She says that ballet gave her confidence and poise, it taught her criticism. Marissa loved science and math. She went to Wausau West High School and was in the dance team. She has always excelled in chemistry, physics and biology. She took part in extracurricular activities. She had a knack for Spanish as well and hence was the president of high school Spanish Club. The captain of the pom-pom squad and debate team, her team won the state championship.  Her pom pom squad ended up as the runners up under the state championship. She joined the National Youth Science, in Virginia and was chosen by Tommy Thomson in 1993.

Marissa Mayer1

She dreamt of becoming a neurosurgeon and attended the Stanford University. She later shifted to study symbolic systems. This major is a fusion of psychology, philosophy and computer science. She went on to teach symbolic system.



Marissa’s mother Margeret Mayer was a teacher who taught arts and craft and her father, Michael Mayer, served as an environmental engineer. Clem Mayer, her grandmother, was a Mayor of Jackson for 30 years and above.


Mason Mayer

She has a brother as well. His name is Mason Mayer.


Marissa mayer

Marissa mayer married an investor cum lawyer Zachary Bogue. They got married on 12th December, 2009.



Mayer announced her first pregnancy on the day when Yahoo decided to hire her. She gave birth to her son Macallister Bogue. She then gave birth to twins Melissa and Emily Bogue on 10th December, 2015.


Marissa has achieved a lot in her career. She has worked for Google and Yahoo. She has been honored with several awards. She has been the board of directors for Walmart, Yahoo, Jawbone. She has also been the board member for non-profit boards such as  New York City Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Cooper–Hewitt, National Design Museum,  and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.. She has been listed in the magazine called Forbes under the list of 50 most powerful women in business. At 33 years of age, she was the youngest women listed at this list. In 2013, she also became the CEO of company under Fortune 500. She eventually went on to make a history by appearing in all the three of Fortune magazine list in the same year. But in 2016, she has turned out to be in the most contrasting list. She was named under the Fortune’s world’s most disappointing leaders. This contrast in her achievement list was quite questionable by many.