Mark Pincus Family

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Think of Zynga and you can’t help but think of Mark Jonathan Pincus – the co-founder of Zynga and a very well-known American Internet entrepreneur. Tribe Networks, and Freeloader, Inc were also founded by him. Zynga crossed its 1 billion mark four years after the company was founded. He has received many prestigious awards like “CEO of the Year” in 2009 and “Founder of the Year” in 2010. Pincus is extremely wealthy and has a bunch of luxury homes scattered all over the US.

Mark Pincus

As can be expected from a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Mark Pincus is a hardcore gamer and is absolutely crazy about newly released video games. He is also very passionate about pets and is the proud owner of a bulldog. He is heavily involved in charity work and has raised millions for various causes including child victims of earthquakes in Japan. His current residence is in San Francisco. However, he has lived in many cities in the US, including Washington DC, Denver, Boston and Philadelphia.

Mark Pincus’ Parents- Theodore Pincus and Donna (née Forman) 

Mark was born in the windy city Chicago and was raised in a Jewish family. His mother worked as an architect and his father worked as a public relations adviser and a business columnist to top corporate executives and well known politicians. Later on, his parents were divorced. His mother then married Sheldon Meyers who hails from Chicago. His father married Sherri (née Barr) who hails from Milwaukee. He had a perfect childhood in a stable and secure household

Mark Pincus’ Siblings – Susan Pincus Sherman, Laura Pincus Hartman, Annie Meyers Ashe, Anne Zitron Casey, Jennifer Zitron Suomi, David Meyers

Marc Pincus has two sisters. They are Susan Pincus Sherman and Laura Pincus Hartman. He also has a bunch of step-siblings from the other marriages of his parents. He has three step-sisters – Annie Meyers Ashe, Anne Zitron Casey and Jennifer Zitron Suomi. He also has a step-brother named David Meyers.

Mark Pincus’ Spouse – Alison “Ali” Pincus (née Gelb)


His wife, Alison “Ali” Pincus, is an entrepreneur in her own right and is the proud co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of One Kings Lane, an extremely popular home décor business. Ali Pincus is an excellent example of how women can be extraordinary business leaders by using their skills rather than trying to imitate men. Her job is extremely challenging but she loves every bit of it. Alison is known to constantly carry a notebook with her at all times to make notes of any interesting trends that she observes. She loves vintage designs and is a total people person.

Children of Mark Pincus and Alison Pincus

Mark and Alison Pincus have two beautiful twin daughters – Carmen and Georgia. Theirs is a very happy home and they are one of the rare celebrity couples who are not plagued by controversy of any sort.

Mark Pincus Net Worth


Pincus’ net worth is estimated at $1 billion.