Martha Stewart – Family, Family Tree

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Martha Stewart has made success in almost every domain possible for human mind. Imagine writer, business woman and prominent TV personality. No wonder her name showcased as one amongst the ‘50 Most Powerful Women’ enlisted by Fortune magazine.


Apart from being actively involved in several business ventures, Martha’s name is colossal in the media industry as well. She has also carved a niche for herself as an ace writer of books and magazines; and her shows such as ‘Martha Stewart Living’ made it big on the small screen for more than a decade.


Stewart Parents – Eddie Kostyra and Martha R Kostyra

Martha was one amongst the six children of Edward “Eddie” Kostyra and Martha Ruszkowski Kostyra. While her father worked as a pharmaceutical salesperson, Martha’s mother was into teaching. The family changed their residential address to Nutley within the next three years. Truly Polish in origin, most of the attributes observed in Martha’s personality seemed to have been imbibed from the various members of her family. Love for nature and gardening comes from her father; while the ease of handling household chores such as cooking and sewing were passed on by the lady of the house. Visits to her grandparents in Buffalo were sufficient to teach this fast learner the skills of canning and preservation.

Stewart Siblings

Martha was the second born and the first daughter in the family of six children.

  1. Eddie – He was the eldest in the family. In one of her shows, Martha has gone on record to state that although she is closer to her younger siblings; the older ones are not much fun to be with.
  2. George Christainsen – Younger than Martha, George is a contractor by profession. His wife, Rita, is in-charge of Stewart’s Westport office. His memories of childhood include siblings painting the room and stitching clothes on their own.
  3. Eric J Scott – Eric, the second brother is a dentist in Buffalo.
  4. Kathy Evans – Working as a teacher in Old Greenwich, Kathy believes Martha to be her mentor.
  5. Laura – She describes Martha as a perfectionist who grew up with multiple skills.


Stewart Spouse

In 1961, Martha entered into a marital relationship with Andrew Stewart. At that point of time, Andrew was a studying law at the Yale University.


However, the marriage did not last long as they parted ways in 1987. The marriage officially ended in the year 1990. Andrew is known to have married a girl 21 years younger to him later, Robyn Fairclough in the year 1993.

Martha Stewart’s Children – Alexis Stewart


Andrew and Martha were blessed with a daughter, Alexis, in 1965. Busy work schedules made Alexis get very little time with her parents. She completed her graduation from Barnard. The daughter is not in touch with her father since 1998 as she holds him responsible for the family’s separation; a source of immense heartbreak to Andy till date. On the contrary, Alexis is close to her mother but shies away from the media attention that Martha draws.

Martha Stewart Net Worth


Martha Stewart’s net worth is US$ 630 million as of 2015.