Michael Hartono – Family, Family Tree

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Michael Bambang Hartono is also known as Oei Gwie Siong born in 1941 in Jakarta, Indonesia. He got his beneficiary from his father and now is one of the richest people in Indonesia. After the death of his father, Michael and his brother Robert Budi took the company under their wings and made it international. He completed his studies in economics at the University of Diponegoro, Indonesia. They joined the Djarum business which specializes in producing clove cigarettes. However, there had been many issues in selling cigarettes but Michael was able to find different loopholes to sell their products.

Michael Hartono

Michael sometimes states that it is hard to sell the products with issues but there is always a way. The blend of cigarette is from the tobaccos founded in Brazil and Indonesia. It is a perfect blend that soon came into demand after being utilized by various people around the world. It has also been seen that Michael also have an interest in different industries like Palm oil, Hotels, Shopping malls and Office buildings. He is now living in Kudus, Indonesia as one of the richest person living in Asia. Michael shares the stakes of the company with his brother.

Michael Hartono Parents – Oei Wie Gwan and Tjurahaju

Oei Wie Gwan is the founder of Djarum, Indonesia. The company was established in the year 21st April 1951 with only 10 employees in the starting. Between 1950s, he was able to purchase the license and branded the company. The name of the company is Djarum, which means Gramophone Needle. Making Fireworks was his first business in Central Java, Indonesia. After the Second World War was over, the government banned the fireworks around the country.

Michael Bambang Hartono

Due to this, the fireworks production was stopped and under this brand name, Tobacco blended with cloves in cigarettes began to manufacture. Oei Wie Gwan married to Tjurahaju and with her comforts; he was able to grow in his own business. Unfortunately, Oei Wie Gwan died in the year 1963 and left his fortunes to his two son’s Michael Hartono and Robert Budi Hartono. Since both the children were in there 20’s and after several issues, they were able to develop the company from its root.

Michael Hartono’s Brother – Robert Hartono

Robert Hartono

Robert Budi Hartono was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He completed his studies from the University of Diponegra, Semarang. He is one of the main partners in Djarum cigarette industry. There was an accidental fire in the factory by which factory was down to ashes. Then with his brother Michael Hartono, they both established the factory with new equipment by 1963. Slowly developing their company they started to export blended cigarettes to other states and countries by 1972. In the year 1975 both, the brothers started producing Filter based cigarettes. In the starting, it was a small company but now it is one of the most established cigarette companies around the world. Robert himself is now a billionaire and holds a Net worth of $7.5 Billion USD. It is through the hard efforts and dedication that they were able to build the Djarum Factory when it was totally lost.

Michael Hartono’s Wife and Children

Michael lives in Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia with his wife and four children. There is not much information about his wife and children.

Michael Hartono’s Net Worth

Michael Hartono

Michael Hartono has reached the ladder of success not in one day. It took him years to reach the top spot. After the death of his father, he and his brother became the heir of Djarum Company. With the accidental fire, the factory was down and with their efforts they re-established it very. Michael Hartono is Net worth of $17.1 Billion USD.