Nathaniel Rothschild Family

by Celeb

The Rothschild family is very prominent in the banking world and so is Nathaniel Philip Victor James Rothschild (Nat). He is a British born financier and is currently settled in Switzerland. He is the Chairman of JNR Limited, an investment advisory company which focuses mainly on emerging markets and the metal sector. He is financial advisor to one of Russia’s richest oligarchs, Oleg Deripaska, who also happens to be the owner of global aluminum giant Rusal. He is extremely close to Roman Abramovich.


Nathaniel had a prestigious education at Colet Court, Eton College and Wadham College, Oxford. He was termed as the ‘black sheep’ of the Rothschild dynasty in his youth. He was extremely profligate and reckless while he was at Eton and Oxford. He also belonged to the Bullingdon Club, which was notoriously known for drug taking, vandalism, drinking and debauchery. However, as he grew up, he took charge of his life and started acting in a manner befitting a Rothschild. He put his childish rebellious attitude away and started focusing seriously on his career. Today, he is an extremely successful businessman who is making much more than the amount that is bequeathed to him when he takes over from his father as 5th Baron Rothschild.

Nathaniel’s Parents – Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild and Serena Mary Dunn

His father Jacob Rothschild is the 4th Baron Rothschild and was the son of Victor Rothschild (3rd Baron Rothschild) and his first wife Barbara Judith Hutchinson. He is a banker by profession and played a major role in Britain as an Arts philanthropist.

 Jacob Rothschild

His mother, Serena Mary Dunn (Lady Rothschild), was born to Sir Philip Gordon Dunn, 2nd Baronet and Lady Mary Sybil St. Clair-Erstkine, daughter of the 5th Earl of Rosslyn. Her sister Nell Dunn is the famous writer. Serena is the granddaughter to a major Canadian financier, Sir James Dunn. Lady Rothschild is a philanthropist like her husband and a successful thoroughbred racehorse owner.

Nathaniel’s Siblings

1)      Hannah Mary Rothschild Brookfield – She was born in 1962 and married William Lord Brookfield. They have three children together.

  • Nell Tomoka
  • Clemency Ruth
  • Mary Esther Rose

2)      Beth Matilda Rothschild Tomassini – She was born in 1964 and married Antonio Tomassini. They have three children together.

  • Jacob Ferdinando Fulvio
  • Edoardo Philip James
  • Tess

3)      Emily “Emmy” Magda Rothschild Freeman-Attwood-She was born in 1967 and married Julian David Warren Freeman-Attwood. They have two children together.

  • Ivy Antarctica
  • Lily Tibet

Nathaniel Spouse – Annabelle Nielson (Ex)

 Annabelle Nielson

Nathaniel Rothschild married Annabelle Nielson, a socialite and model in 1994. His parents, Sir Jacob Rothschild and Lady Serena Rothschild, were absolutely dismayed when he went against their wishes and eloped with her to Las Vegas. The marriage ended in a messy divorce and she got a very hefty settlement in return for rescinding the Rothschild name.

The couple did not have any children together. Nathaniel Rothschild has not married again after that.

Nathaniel Family Net Worth


According to Forbes, Nathaniel ‘Nat’ Rothschild has a net worth of $1 billion.