Patricia Stryker – Family, Family Tree

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Patricia Stryker is an American businessperson, philanthropist and political supporter.

Patricia Stryker

The three billionaire siblings, Patricia, Ronda ($4.6 Billion) and Jon ($2.6 Billion) were grandchildren of Homer Stryker, MD. Dr. Homer Stryker was a famous orthopaedic surgeon, inventor and founder of medical technologies, Stryker Corporation. In 2016, Stryker Corporation made $11.3 billion by selling medical devices, equipment and software.

Personal Life of Patricia


In 1956, Patricia Stryker was born and was active in civic life from early 2000s. In 2001, she founded Bohemian Foundation to support art, music, and community through programs, events and grants making. In 1999, Patricia bought a vineyard (32 acres) in Alexander Valley in California. She renamed the vineyard as Stryker Sonoma and rebuild, replant even vinifera like Bordeaux and Zinfandel. Yet, in May 2016, Patricia sold the vineyard to focus on international programmes, music funds and others in Colorado region. Patricia Stryker, Jared Polis, Tim Gill, and Rutt Bridges donate in Colorado from social conservatives.

Family of Patricia

Sister of Patricia

Ronda Stryker

Ronda Stryker is Patricia’s sister. She is a board member of Stryker Corporation, founded by grandfather, Homer Stryker in 1946. Ronda is a former teacher. Ronda and her husband William Johnston donated $100 million to Western Michigan University. This was for creating a new medical school to honour grandfather. The couple also gave $20 million to Harvard Medical School for global health research.

Brother of Patricia

Jon Lloyd Stryker

Jon Stryker or Jon Lloyd Stryker was born in 1958 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He works as philanthropist and activist. Jon founded Arcus Foundation and as the president he supports LGBT issues. Also, he protects apes. Jon funded the new Arcus Centre for Social Justice Leadership at Kalamazoo College. In 2015 he donated land and money to expand the Kalamazoo Nature Centre. Jon is divorced and has two children. Jon has announced he is gay. Jon lives in New York City and has a resident in Garrison, New York State’s Hudson River Valley. He also owns several properties in Kalamazoo.

Grandfather of Patricia

Homer Hartman Stryker

Homer Hartman Stryker was born on 4th November 1894 in Wakeshma Township, Michigan. After Athens High School (1913) and took a teaching certificate and taught before joining World War I. Homer got Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Michigan Medical School (1925) and interned at the University Hospital. Stryker practised in Kalamazoo, Michigan and was the only regional orthopaedic surgeon of Borgess Hospital. Since 1935, Homer invented several medically useful items like hospital beds, oscillating electric saw.

In 1947, Homer got patent for “Stryker Saw”. This instrument is still used as is for removing casts. In 1946, Homer founded Orthopaedic Frame Company Inc for selling his inventions. In 1958, the Company launched Circ-O-Electric bed. On 2nd January 1964, Homer retired and renamed the Company to Stryker Corporation. Homer died on 5th May 1980.

Father of Patricia

Lee Stryker

Lee Stryker, son of Dr. Homer Stryker, joined his father’s Company as the general manager (1955). The sales were $1 million by 1958. The name of the Company became Stryker Corporation and Lee was the president and CEO. Lee expanded the Company to 280 employees and made $10 million in sales. Lee and his wife died in a plane crash. His children Patricia, Ronda and Jon were not in the plane. John W. Brown was the next president and CEO in 1977. During his time, revenue grew to $4.3 billion in 2004 when the Company was recognised as one of the Fortune 500.

Net Worth of Patricia

Patricia Stryker

Patricia Stryker is net worth of $3 Billion. She inherited most of her wealth from Dr. Homer Stryker and his Company the Stryker Corporation. In December 2016, Jon and Patricia donated $5 million each. This was to fund nation’s memorial to the victims of racial terror lynching.