Paul Allen Family

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Paul Allen is one of the co-founders of Microsoft along with Bill Gates. Paul later quit Microsoft when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. After quitting Microsoft he pursued opportunities in business, research and philanthropy.

Paul Allen

Paul Allen is at the helm of the Paul G Allen Family Foundation. Paul is also the chairman and founder of Vulcan Incorporated.  He has holdings and stake in many technology and media companies along with owning three sports teams that play at a professional level.  He is also the founder of many educational institutes that impart world-class education.

Paul Allen is hardly ever out of the daily news, thanks to his ever increasing success and determination to make the world a better place through his philanthropic foundations. His foundations donate over $500 million to the causes they support across the country. They also support a wildlife foundation in Africa and extend support to projects and charities that work for betterment of life of children, mothers and other tribes in Africa.

Paul Allen foundation contributes and helps maintain the following educational institutions and buildings of interest as well:

  • Allen Institute for artificial intelligence
  • Allen Telescope array
  • Allen Institute for Brian Science

Allen Family Profile

Let us take a look at the profile of the Allen family tree.

Allen Parents: Edna Faye and Kenneth Sam Allen

Paul Allen Father

Paul Allen was born to Kenneth Sam Allen, who worked as an associate director, and Edna Faye on 21 January 1953. He was born into a family of means who could support his education and help him reach out to good schools and colleges.

Paul Allen Sibling – Jody Allen

Paul Allen Sibling

Paul Allen has one sibling, a younger sister by the name of Jody Allen, who works at Vulcan Incorporate as the chief executive officer and president. She is also a key player, contributor and an active participant in the running of the Paul G. Allen’s family foundation to help the needy and poor.

Paul Allen Spouse – None

Paul Allen never married and focused his entire energy on managing and running all his ventures and endeavors. Today his holdings extend to:

  • Finance and technology through Vulcan Inc., Interval Research Corporation  and Ticketmaster. He also has more than 43 patents on his name from which he gets royalties regularly.
  • Aerospace and Defense interests through investment in SpaceShipOne and launch of Stratolaunch Systems
  • Real Estate investments through Vulcan Real Estate with focus on the development of real estate in the Seattle area by promoting it as a biotechnology hub

Sports investment through Moda center in Portland and owns Century Link in Seattle. Paul G Allen also owns Seattle Cinerama and Hospital Club. Paul G Allen owns three teams, the Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders FC

All these are his key areas of interest and he pursues each of them with a keen insight with a wish to make each of them succeed. The money he makes is invested towards making the society a better place for all the people who really need help and assistance.

Paul Allen Net Worth

Paul Allen’s net worth stands at $17 billion as of today.