Ray Dalio – Family , Family Tree

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Ray Dalio is a reputed American business magnate, investor and founder of the investment firm Bridgewater Associates. He was born on August 8, in Jackson Heights, Queens. Back in the year 2012, he’d appeared in the Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people in the world and also on the Bloomberg’s Market 50 most influential people.

Ray Dalio

His firm is the world’s biggest hedge fund firm and currently manages a staggering USD 155 billion worth of assets. He is known to be one of the most successful investors and businessman in the world currently.

Let us now look at the Dalio Family

Dalio Parents

Ray’s father was a Jazz musician but unlike his father, Ray had a great inclination towards pursuing a business oriented career.

Dalio Spouse – Barbara Dalio

Barbara Dalio

Ray Dalio is married to Barbara Dalio, who also supports him as a mentor in all his business related ventures. She is the chairperson of their charitable organization and together they have two sons.

Dalio Children – Devon Dalio & Matt Dalio

Devon and Matt Dalio are the sons of Barbara and Ray Dalio. They are the heirs to their fortune and currently help out with the family business by contributing in the management of the company.

Matt Dalio

Matt Dalio is a graduate from the prestigious Harvard University and holds an MBA from Stanford. He also supports China Care Foundation, which helps orphans in china lead a better life. Apart from this, he is associated with the Children for China Pedia Foundation and the China Foundation, which helps in caring for disabled people.

Devon Dalio works at Bridgewater and is known to have a keen interest in politics. He had supported John McCain in his presidential campaign back in 2008, but John lost to Barack Obama.

Net Worth

As of 2015, Ray Dalio has a net worth of 15.3 billion USD which makes him the 60th richest person in the world and 29th richest in the United States.

Ray Dalio Image

In his personal life, Ray is known to be very shy and private. He and his wife donate millions of dollars each year to charity and support many causes through their organization known as the Dalio Foundation. It had nearly $600 million in assets back in the year 2012, and has been on a steady increase ever since, considering the efforts that Dalio and his family have put in. Ray Dalio is the foundation’s president, while his sons, Devon and Matt Dalio serve the organization as vice presidents.