Richard Elman Family

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Richard Samuel Elman is the founder and chairman of Noble Group Limited, which is a commodities company that supplies grain, oil, coal, and soybeans among other things. He has run the Singapore-listed firm from Hong Kong for more than 20 years. Previously, Elman had worked in the scrap business in countries like Thailand, India, Japan, and America. He had also served as the Regional Director of Asia operations for Phibro, a commodities firm, for 10 years.

Richard Elman

In addition, Elman serves on the Board of Directors of Clearbridge Accelerator, a firm that commercializes technology and works with concepts such as computational algorithms, advanced materials, and biomedical devices. The company is backed by Singapore National Research Foundation. It has more than 35,000 shareholders all over the world and is present in 70 countries.

Richard Elman Family Tree

Let’s look at Richard Elman’s illustrious family tree in detail.

Richard Elman Parents

Elman’s father was a barrister. He helped Elman find a job as a laborer at a scrap yard in London sorting non-ferrous metal. Elman dropped out of school (at Brighton) at the age of 15 after he found his grades steadily plummeting. His father taught him that education cannot be taken away, no matter what happens in life. Elman says that his father was initially very disappointed with him. Later, when Elman became successful, his father was quite proud of him.

Elman’s mother made woman’s clothes.

Richard Elman Siblings

Very little is known about Elman’s siblings.

Richard Elman Spouse – Susan Elman

Richard and Susan Elman

Richard Elman Children

Elman has 4 children and 2 grandchildren. There is very little information about them in the public domain. After work, Elman enjoys spending time with his family.

Richard Elman Net Worth

According to Forbes, Elman is worth US$ 1.6 billion as of December 2014. A self-made man, the major source of his wealth is commodities. He ranks #36 on Hong Kong’s 50 Richest list. He is the 33rd richest person in the United Kingdom. He is listed at #1092 in the Billionaires of the World list.


He sold his first company, Metal Ore Asia in 1972 to Phibro and began Noble Group with a personal investment of US$ 100,000. His fortune has declined due to the soft prices of commodities, but that has not stopped him from completing the construction of oilseed crushing factories in Brazil, Ukraine, and South Africa.