Robert Pera Family

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Robert J. Pera is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ubiquiti Networks, Inc., a software and systems communications technology company. Popularly, he is known as the Wireless Wonder. Previously, he worked at Apple, Inc. as a hardware engineer on the Airport Wi-Fi base station. He earned undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering and Japanese. He also got a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from UC San Diego, specializing in circuit design.


Ubiquiti creates Wi-Fi amplification systems that give Internet access to a number of people ranging from 10 to 10,000 within a radius of 36 miles. In October 2011, the company went public and Pera became a billionaire at the young age of 34. This enabled him to buy NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies team in 2012 from Michael Heisley for around US$ 350 million.

Pera uses the strategy of keeping costs low to beat bigger and established competitors like Motorola with respect to price and still get to keep strong profit margins.

Robert Pera Family Tree

Let us read about Robert Pera’s interesting family tree in detail.

Robert Pera Parents

Pera’s mother worked as a public relations executive. His father was involved in business consulting. Currently, he is currently serving as the CEO of Armanino Foods (AMNF), which is an Italian frozen food manufacturer.

Robert Pera Siblings

Pera has an older sister who studied at the University of California in San Diego.

Robert Pera Spouse – none; unmarried

Pera is still single.

Robert Pera Children – none

Pera has no children.

Robert Pera Net Worth

As of December 2014, Forbes estimates that Robert Pera’s net worth is US$ 2.1 billion. He is a self-made man who won his fortune in the technology industry. He is the 229th richest man in the United States. He is ranked at #642 in the Billionaires of the World list. On the Forbes 400 list, he is placed at #219. He managed to raise US$ 33.5 million in the IPO of Ubiquiti. He owns 64% of the company, according to Forbes.

Robert Pera

Trouble with a Chinese distributor caused the value of Ubiquiti stocks to fall, but Pera is going strong.