Steven Rales – Family, Family Tree

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Steven Rales was born in the year 1951, and he is one of four sons who were born to Norman and Ruth Rales. His father sold out his building source company and started to sell the real estate Stephen Rales is the Chairman at Danaher Corp.

Steven Rales

He is one of the Board of Directors at the Forte Corp. Mr. Rales has also served on the board at the Colfax Corp. He pursues his degree of undergraduate from the DePauw University.

Steven Rales: Personal Biography

Early life and Education:

Early life and Education

The father of Steven Rales was raised up in an orphanage, the Hebrew Orphan Asylum in city of New York and later on he became a businessman who sold up his building supply business in Washington, D.C. to his staffs in what was the first worker stock ownership plan (ESOP) deal in the U.S. Steven Rales has also three brothers who were named as Joshua, Mitchell, and Stewart.

Rales completed his graduation in 1969 from the Walt Whitman High School, in Bethesda, Maryland. In the year1978, he was awarded the J.D. from American University. When the company re-joined with a poisonous pill, they sued and overcome in court. They, later on, ended the bid after the five months with a profit of about $60 million.



He has been a main supporter of the Washington Ballet. In the year2002, he was themain donor in the devotion of the Peeler Art Center at the DePauw University. He was a contributor to Golf Rocks.

Personal life

In the year1983, he was married to Christine Plank, a 1974 DePauw University graduates. They both had three children named as Alexander, Gregory, and Stephanie. They get divorced in the year 2003.Later on in the year 2012; he got married to Lalage Damerell.

Steven Rales: Family

Norman R. Rales:

Norman R. Rales

Norman R. Rales was born on July 19, 1923, in thecity of New York. He is the father of Steven Rales. When he was at the age of seven, his mother died in his childbirth with his undeveloped sister. His father, incapableof findingout steady work during the Great Depression, positioned Norman and some of his siblings in the Hebrew Orphan Asylum, where he persisted until his graduating high school when he was at the age of about 17. Norman also worked up very hard to mentor aspiring businesspersonsthrough his career, with one individual who he assisted to found the most successful sectional owned auto-authorization in the nation.

Lalage Damerell:

Lalage Damerell

She was born to Derek Vivien Damerell and Margaret Isabel Damerell. She became the wife of Steven in the year 2012 when he got divorced from his first wife.

Gregory Rales:

Gregory Rales is the son of Steven M. Rales. He is one of the children of Steven M. Rales and Christine Plank. Gregory Rales was born in the year 1958.

Stephanie Rales:

Stephanie Rales

She is the daughter of Steven Rales.



  • He has worked as Chairman of the Board of Danaher since January, in year1984.
  • In the year of 1985, they bought the Easco which is an aluminum siding constructer and hand tool builder.
  • In the year1995 Steven and Mitchell Rales founded the Colfax Corporation, a Richmond, and Virginia industrial pumps industrialist. In May 2008, Steven contrived the early public contribution of the company.
  • He also owns a manufacturing company called as Indian paintbrush, which has subsidized the making of The Darjeeling Limited in the year2007, also Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moonrise Kingdom, Labor Day, and also The Grand Budapest Hotel in the year 2014. Utmost of such films were very prosperous with a few of them being tremendously successful

Net worth


According to the Forbes Steven has anet worth of about $5.2 Billion.