Terry Gou – Family, Family Tree

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Terry Gou, who is also known to the world as Guo Tai Ming, is the man behind the largest electronic conglomerate Foxconn or popularly called as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.Ltd.The Company mainly deals with electronic products with a huge client base like Apple, Hewlett Packard, Sony and many other international firms. In the land of Taiwan, Terry Gou is considered to be the richest man alive.  Foxconn has various factories all over the world, mainly in the mainland of China and employs a huge number of people, who all are involved in building some of the best electronic gadgets.

Early Life

Early Life

Terry Gou was born on 8th October 1950 in Banqiao Township, which is located at the Taipai city of Taiwan.  Guo had a very simple educational background and after completing a bachelor’s degree from China Marine technical college, he got involved into work. In the beginning, Guo was appointed as a worker in a local shipping company. Over the years he started working at various industries till the time Guo came up with his own startup manufacturing base. Hon Hai, used to make plastic parts for television and slowly the company started growing when clients came from various places and placed their orders.


Terry Gou Wife

Terry Gou is the son of Guo Ling Rui and Chu Yung Chen. He is married to a beautiful woman Delia Tseng and has two sons and two daughters.


Guo’s career revolved around the success of his startup Hon Hai. When the manufacturing base had just started, they used to receive orders for making joystick from Atari, one of the largest video game console company.  The turning point came in the year 1996, when the company started making the framework for Compaq desktops. Thereafter the company gets a widespread reputation and very soon started getting clients like HP, Apple, IBM and many other big conglomerates.


In the process of growing bigger and bigger, Foxconn at one point of time wins over Apple and is still now involved in making their products. Guo consider Apple to be one of the most significant clients and henceforth made various investments to cater to the needs of Apple. Foxconn is the only manufacturer in the world for Iphone6 and I phone 6+


Terry Gou from the very beginning had a very broad vision in his business strategy. Over the years, he tried and was even successful in making association with various big brands. This has helped him and his company to enter into a huge space of international fame.

In the year 2001, the company made a contract with Intel, one of the leading corporations in computer technology for making mother boards and till now Foxconn is serving Intel with the same quality assurance. Two years back, the chairman of the company Terry Guo also took over Asia Pacific Telecom and started 4G communication network in Taiwan.

Terry Gou

When both fame and demand of the company was getting a huge appreciation from various parts of the word, Guo thought to expand its manufacturing base. The company marked its presence at various places around the world like the Unites States, Japan, Europe, Malaysia, and India to name a few.