Vijay Mallya Family

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The Mallya family is definitely one of the most recognized Indian families in the world today. They are known for their business acumen, skill and dedication. Vijay Mallya is often referred to as many things- ‘The Richard Branson of India’, the ‘Liquor Baron’ and most popularly as the ‘King of Good Times’.

Vijay Mallya

He successfully built up an international business empire. Though these days he is often in the news for being bankrupt and owing millions of rupees, nobody would argue the fact that he has guts and a strong willpower.

Mallya Family Profile

Here’s a brief glimpse into the extensive Mallya family tree with its many diverse branches.

Mallya’s Parents – Vittal Mallya and Lalitha Ramaiah

Vijay was born to an industrialist father. From a young age, he decided to follow his father’s footsteps. Mallya’s father was a very wealthy man, but a strict disciplinarian.


His mother was strict in her own way but was also strong, dignified and calm. She was the one who was mainly responsible for his upbringing.

Mallya’s Siblings – None

Vijay Mallya is the only child and has no siblings

Mallya Spouse – Sameera Tyabjee (Ex), Rekha Mallya

Vijay Mallya has been married twice. His first wife was Sameera Tyabjee, who was an Air India flight attendant. Together, they had a son named Sidhartha ‘Sid’ Mallya. They eventually got divorced and he later got married to Rekha, who used to be his next door neighbour in Bangalore.

Rekha Mallya was first married to a coffee planter from Coorg – Pratap Chettiappa. Her second marriage was to Shahid Mahmood and she had two children with him – Laila and Kabir.

Rekha Mallya

Vijay Mallya adopted Laila as his own daughter.

Children of Vijay Mallya and Sameera Tyabjee

1)      Sidhartha Mallya

Sidhartha Mallya

Born: May 7, 1987 (age 27)

He is an aspiring actor who is well known in the film industry. Vijay Mallya’s first born, also known as the ‘Prince of Good Times’, could have joined the business fresh from graduation. He majored in business administration from Queen Mary College, London. But he chose to make his own way in ‘Diageo’ and gained experience working as an assistant brand manager for Guinness beer. Today, he handles the Mallya Group’ sports businesses as well as manages the marketing aspect of UB Spirits.

Children of Vijay Mallya and Rekha Mallya

1)      Leana Mallya

Little is known about her except that she is Vijay Mallya’s first daughter with Rekha. She debuted at the ‘Bal de debutantes’ in Paris and as a teen lived with her mother in San Francisco. She is 21 years old.

2)      Tanya Mallya

She is Vijay Mallya’s second daughter with Rekha and is currently 18 years old. She too lived with her mother in San Francisco.

3)      Laila Mallya


She is Rekha’s child from her second marriage to Shahid Mahmood, but was adopted by Vijay Mallya. She is an entrepreneur in her own right. Her work consists of outsourcing accessories and lifestyle products from Europe and the US. She is married to Samar Singh, aged 35.

Net Worth


Vijay Mallya has an estimated net worth of USD $ 800 million.