Viktor Rashnikov – Family, Family Tree

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Viktor Rashnikov is a Russian business tycoon who started working in Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works as a fitter in 1967. With his hard work and dedication, he became the company’s shop superintendent, and eventually the Chief Engineer and then Deputy General Director. While buying shares of the company at the same time, he eventually became 100% owner of the company. In 2011, he stepped down from the CEO position of the company but still remains as its Chairman of Board. In addition to his ownership of MMK, he also holds significant real estate investments and the wedding palace of Moscow and Rossiya Hotel.

Viktor Rashnikov Family

Apart from being a notable businessman, Viktor has also served in Chelyabinsk’s Legislative Assembly four times. He is also one of the members of the Chairman of the Union of Industrialists & Entrepreneurs in Chelyabinsk. Bureau of the Russian Union of the Industrialists is an organization dedicated to promoting economic development and business interests in Russia. Victor is also a part of this organization’s management.

Viktor Rashnikov Brother: Sergey Rashnikov

Sergey Rashnikov is the younger brother of Viktor, who is also a notable businessman in Russia. Born in 1956, Sergey was the manager of Starglobe, a trading company in Limassol, Lugano. Currently, he is working for the Association of Russian School, Ticino. Sergey is married and resides in Lugano.

Viktor Rashnikov Wife: Tatyana Kuzmina

Viktor Rashnikov is married to Tatyana Kuzmina, with whom he has two daughters, Tatiana and Olga.

Viktor Rashnikov Children: Tatiana Rakhno and Olga Viktorovna Rashnikova

Viktor Rashnikov Daughter

Viktor has two daughters from his wife Tatyana, namely Tatiana Rakhno and Olga Viktorovna Rashnikova. Olga joined the Franklin College of Switzerland to receive her undergraduate degree, and the State University of Management to receive an MBA degree. She is one of the board Directors of Credit Ural Bank and also Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, OJSC. Currently, she is serving as the Finance Director and Director of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, OJSC. Tatiana Rakhno is Viktor’s eldest daughter who is also successfully doing business on her own.

Viktor Rashnikov Net Worth

viktor rashnikov net worth

Viktor’s net worth has been estimated to be around $6.8 billion, though it keeps fluctuating with the iron and steel industry. In addition to a significant real estate property, he is also the owner of Ocean Victory, one of the 10 biggest yachts across the world. It is a super yacht that is 140 meters long, with 7 decks and 6 pools.