Vladislav Doronin Family

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Vladislav Doronin is a well-known millionaire around the globe, majorly for two reasons. One, he owns enormous wealth and the other, he is linked with the supermodel Naomi Campbell. He has been coined as Donald Trump of Russia. He is chairman of the Capital Group based in Moscow.


A Russian by nationality, he is born in Saint Petersburg in Russia. During his early years, Vlad graduated from the Moscow Lomonosov University. His first venture, The Capital Group came into existence in the year 1991. Life was smooth for Vladislav until the age of 26; he first hit the news when his marriage with Ekaterina Doronin hit the rocks after 9 years. The couple had a daughter by then. They started living separately from 1998.

Doronin hit the news again in 2008, when he first met supermodel Naomi Campbell at The Cannes. They have been dating ever since.

On the business front, Russian magazine Money rated Dornoin as one of the top 1000 managers.

Doronin Family

Doronin Parents

Little is known about Vlad’s parents.

Doronin Spouse – Ekaterina Doronin (Ex)

Before to their split, Ekaterina was married to the business tycoon for 24 years. The couple has a teenage daughter from the marriage.

Doronin Partner – Naomi Campell (Ex)


Naomi, the supermodel has been in a relationship with the business giant from 2008. After running into each other, hey started the globe trotting tour. Naomi is known to have received numerous unique and pricey gifts from the Russian business honcho. Some of these gifts are the Horus Eye off the Turkey coast and a ‘spaceship-home’ in Russian woods, apart from tons of great jewellery. The couple separated in the year 2013, over fights about Doronin’s marriage issues.

Vladislav Doronin Children


Katia Dornnin

She is the only child of the business tycoon. Born to Ekaterina and Vladislav Dornin, Katia is the now a teenager.

Vladislav Doronin Net Worth


The business tycoon has a net worth of 1000 million dollars. Forbes Magazine had rated him in the list of one of the most costly residence holders. Doronin was named among one of the “Kings of Russian Real Estate” by Forbes in 2014