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Walter Droege is a 64 years old businessman of Germany. According to Forbes, Walter Droege is ranked 178 in the world and 15 in Germany in the list of billionaires throughout the world.

Walter Droege

Walter Droege has net worth of $6.8 Billion as of February 13, 2017. He is known to be totally self made business man who excelled in consulting. Walter Droege is a German citizen. He lives with his wife as residents of Dusseldorf, Germany.

Personal Details:

Wife: Walter Droege is married to Hedda Brahm Droege. The couple founded the Droege International Group in 1988. Also, they both work as board members for the same Droege International Group in Dusseldorf.

Hedda Brahm Droege

Walter Droege owns around 78% of the company. Walter Droege serves as CEO and executive managing director. Hedda Brahm Droege is the vice-chairwoman of the supervisory board, owns the rest.

Early Career:

Early Career
METRIC Germany was established in 1978. It was the listed company in Frankfurt stock exchange. The Company is a solution provider of ticketing systems. Also, there is mobile data collection system that operates in Hannover. METRIC UK is the subsidiary of METRIC Germany and was acquired in 1999.


Its special products include parking machines that operate in Swindon, United Kingdom.
Also, Almex GmbH is a newly incorporated subsidiary in Germany. It is under Tri Star GmbH, a wholly-owned German subsidiary Company purchased METRIC Germany. They operate under brand name Almex. Almex GmbH has a registered capital of Euro 800,000.00, or approx S$1,229,928. Singapore-incorporated subsidiary of the Company will acquire all the shares of METRIC UK.


Droege International Group Company founded in 1988 has its headquarters in Dusseldorf. It is the largest business Company spread worldwide. The Company excels in consulting, restructuring and corporate advisory practices. The Company earns annual revenues of $8 billion. Also, there are around 62,000 employees working in office spread over 30 countries all over the World.

Walter Droege believes in a hybrid business model. He provides excellent external consultancy to all his clients. Walter Droege actually goes for strategies like the direct buying and building investment. This method is practised mostly in corporate subsidiaries. In addition, there are medium sized companies in some situations. There are also joint venture programs. These are mainly to aim in emerging high growth Companies. These include Companies having traditional sectors. The portfolios are familiar to the operations of Droege International Group Company.

venture program

Droege International Group Company provides capital, management resources. The Company is proud of providing its value added know-how methods. Droege uses the principles of entrepreneurship as a service. The Droege International Group Company guides clients who want to develop and to implement future-oriented plans. During those special cases, the Droege International Group Company uses digital business models.

Droege International Group Company believes in the extraordinary concept. It is an important part the Company’s corporate philosophy. This art inspires everyone to look into the same a second time. The art provides training to the perception of Droege Group staff. Also, it provides importance to their entrepreneurial skills. This is done in order for the staff members to accomplish new, extraordinary solutions. The art gives several innovative ideas that flow into the design of strategies.

Droege International Group Company
The Board of Directors of Dutech Holdings Limited announced on 05 October, 2016, Germany time. The complete list of assets include metric mobility solutions AG, Germany has 100% share-holding. There is Metric Group Holding Ltd., UK. Also, there are subsidiaries in Germany.

Walter Droege

Excluding Dr. Hedda Julianaim Brahm-Droege and Mr Christoph Hartmann, the board decided to undertake the acquisition. They considered the Metric Germany’s advanced software design capabilities with good customer resources. Also, there is good research and development and design and manufacturing of intelligent terminals.